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  • TYHJCV TYHJCV Feb 24, 2009 9:16 PM Flag

    GrandSlam Trophy style!!!

    i am low for telling the truth you haven't even tried to give any evidence to what your syaing your say you give so much money away how come your profile is almost empty you have 1 league and you won it .. the rest someo ne else commished ? how come when i look up your name or league it doesn;t say anything except for this year ? see you just keep lying yahoo keeps all your team in an archive not just some ..

    what does what i say have to do with you lying ? so because you want to live in a fantasy world i should not say anything to you ? you haven't given anymoney away if you had done so much why are you having trouble filling your league you can invite people from past league it should be filled in no time .. they are empty because you lie ..

    • Can't you see how you decide everything to fit yourself. Let's make this really simple:::::

      I run a beginner's league. I give $20 to the winner. I lock my team at the halfway. I prod them, help them, encourage them, teach them.

      I have a second tier of players. Young eager. I give them $125 to play for. Much of that money is earned by "staying active" all year. There is money to win. They have the added bonus of "moving up". Again I lock my team halfway and let them at it.

      I have last year's core group. They play for free. I pay $300 assorted bonuses. This and That. They are really good. I got lucky in the playoffs. but they are really good. I'd pit them against your hot shot leagues.

      I'm starting 3 pro leagues, this year. I Run things the way I think fantasy MLB should be run. Yes , and I'm still learning too. I don't need you coming in here to my system of leagues and comparing them to however you run yours. You don't see me attacking you.

      It all comes down to you being offended at the way I worded this or that. You can't tell me, you're not playing god. I can call my league TopPro if I want to. I don't need your permission. I can Call my league a Masters league. I don't need your permission. YOU DON'T GET TO DECIDE WHO'S LYING, WHO'S CALLING WHAT WHAT!

      You do not get to decide who is a good player or not. You don't get to decide who comes into my leagues or not!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no business doing what you did!!!!!!!!!! It's just being low!!

      You are judgemental, hypocritical, acting like you have God like powers. You don't know. You really don't, what's going on in my leagues, my mind, or really near half what you THINK you know.

      You just take this ad or that ad place with this ad that ad-- ad a comment here, judge there, decide this, decide that and then try to ruin someone else's leagues. It's that simple -- you're just plain low! You don't risk your leagues. You don't open your leagues to me. You get to be big shot because I was trusting and naive that there were people like you out there.


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