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  • TYHJCV TYHJCV Feb 24, 2009 9:26 PM Flag

    GrandSlam Trophy style!!!

    new league read these staement you put online and tell me this sounds like a new league


    My concept for a TopPro league has been ridiculed. I've cajoled, needled, prodded, and challenged those Top Pros (I KNOW are out there and reading this), to challenge each other in a winner take all format for the big money. For whatever reason, they haven't chosen to do so yet. It's the kind of league I would like to play in and watch being played. If I have to delete it, no hair off my back. I could delete several leagues and still have to commission several. Maybe then I'd have time to play in a big $ league or two I'd like to join, like Dan's Heavy Hitters or one of Simsy's quality leagues.

    Some of my GMs think I'm weird for giving away $s to promote fantasy MLB- some don't take it. I demand year long activity. I lock teams. I provide weekly minimum maintenance on locked teams. It takes time and effort. My GMs are sharp and they compete hard to the last week and they don't ever have to compete against "dead" teams. My GMs have proven they want to return to play in the same league.

    see how much you lie ? you pretend to have all these qualty experience people not one have you played with before .


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