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  • Well i was a huge a rod fan and than i see this? wow i was really angry with him.. i would definatley not pick him even if i got paid too. hes a disapointment. If i get a good decent pick in my draft im most likey drafting 1st basemen Ryan howard, i think hes a faboulous player. Go Yanks.

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    • Listen man I am a die hard Yankees fan just like you, but dont let this make you think any less of A-Rod. He took the steroids in 2003(6 years ago) when it was legal and everyone did it. They are saying 104 other players took it so who knows who knows who is on that list. So just dont even pay attention cause your just gonna get even more pisses off about the whole thing like me so lets just wait until the beast season the Yankees are gonna have this year!!! Lets Go Yankees!!!

    • the ONE reason why you might consider knocking A-rod down in drafts (and really, maybe... only 1 spot or so under Pujols) is if you think his psyche can't handle the new taunts that will greet him everywhere he goes... But honestly, he's one of the most hated players in the game... and has been for years. And still, like clockwork, every year at least 35HRs, 100+R, and 100+RBI, even 15 or so SB. If someone in my league opts not to draft him in front of me, I will be OK with taking him... if you want to win your league, I suggest you do the same.

    • Howard? Decent Pick? He's a horrible pick in the first round. 50 homers but 200 strikeouts. It's not worth it. I am projecting him for
      40 Homers, 120 RBIs, 100 Runs, .240 Average, and 200 K's.

    • so what are you tellin' me, Ryan Howard hasnt ever taken HGH or performance enhancing drugs?... sorry bud, but your horribly mistanken

    • That is so stupid. I bet you have no problem drafting Bret Myers who punched his wife around in front of fans at Fenway stadium or Julio Lugo who was charged with smacking his wife of his car hood. Let's put this steroid think in perspective!!

      The only question about steroid guys should be "How good will they be without steroids??"

      A-Rod hit 54 homers in 2007 and there was no way he could have been on steroids then as he was tested and could have been suspended for a positive result. He is a solid solid pick and hopefully my league is filled with idiots who think like you...

    • That is one dumb statement. You draft a player that will help your team. I am not a fan or A-FRAUD, but he is hands down the best player in baseball. He failed a drug test back in 2003 - BIG DEAL. Did you know he has passed every test he has taken since? Give me the pick and I would take him.

    • First, you excluding fantasy players for personal reasons is obviously a bad move.

      Secondly, steroids was not illegal in 2003, have never been confirmed to improve baseball performance in any way whatsoever (muscle mass doesn't improve performance in baseball. a change in muscle mass actually inhibits performance.), and were mostly used for injury recovery and not stat improvement.

      Lastly, if you have a better argument as to how steroids improves these 'alleged' users, please let me know and I can find ways to disprove your argument.

      A-Rod: First time HOF, or baseball is a joke.

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      • BTW, Les, I agree w/ you in that anyone who uses the real world to draft their team does not know fantasy baseball. I wish I were in these guys leagues so that I can steal all of these players for myself. Bad idea to go into a draft w/ this philosophy.

      • C'mon Les. We all know that the way baseball has handled the Steroid thing has been laughable from the get go. Baseball has been nothing but a joke since the whole steroid thing surfaced. It's double talk and shady maneuverings around the steroid thing has been ridiculous.
        Instead of full blown transparency, the MLB owners and the Union has stretched this farce out long enough. Imagine, almost 6 years since this story broke and they still can't step up and be honest about the fact that MLB knew steroids was used across the board and they did nothing to stop it. Unfortunately, it is the individual players that are paying for a problem the MLB itself always knew existed. B/c of that, ALL of the alleged steroid users should be allowed into the HOF and baseball will have to chew on that piece of fat forever.

    • Should never take real life bias into your fantasy draft. That would be a weakness.

    • You mean A-roid. I wouldn't draft him either. But Howard will not be on my team either.

    • I'm not all that upset about it. His number didn't even get better around the time he was allegedly on steroids. Anyway, almost every mlb player at the time was doing them. The guys that leaked this information are very shady too.

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