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  • First, you excluding fantasy players for personal reasons is obviously a bad move.

    Secondly, steroids was not illegal in 2003, have never been confirmed to improve baseball performance in any way whatsoever (muscle mass doesn't improve performance in baseball. a change in muscle mass actually inhibits performance.), and were mostly used for injury recovery and not stat improvement.

    Lastly, if you have a better argument as to how steroids improves these 'alleged' users, please let me know and I can find ways to disprove your argument.

    A-Rod: First time HOF, or baseball is a joke.

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    • C'mon Les. We all know that the way baseball has handled the Steroid thing has been laughable from the get go. Baseball has been nothing but a joke since the whole steroid thing surfaced. It's double talk and shady maneuverings around the steroid thing has been ridiculous.
      Instead of full blown transparency, the MLB owners and the Union has stretched this farce out long enough. Imagine, almost 6 years since this story broke and they still can't step up and be honest about the fact that MLB knew steroids was used across the board and they did nothing to stop it. Unfortunately, it is the individual players that are paying for a problem the MLB itself always knew existed. B/c of that, ALL of the alleged steroid users should be allowed into the HOF and baseball will have to chew on that piece of fat forever.

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      • Oh. I agree full-heartedly with you. Baseball hierarchy definitely let everything happen and it is a complete joke. I understand how they needed to rebound somehow after the strike season, but this whole ending is completely a farce. And now with these lists that were to be anonymous being released, when they could have been destroyed on spot by the MLB, just makes this entire situation even more laughable. And completely am with you on the HOF aspect. Any player that is kept out of the hall due to steroid allegations and admissions is a disservice by the Hall and the MLB itself. When the sport doesn't grade itself solely on the sport, it makes the whole system a joke, and it is clear that that is where the MLB is headed.

    • BTW, Les, I agree w/ you in that anyone who uses the real world to draft their team does not know fantasy baseball. I wish I were in these guys leagues so that I can steal all of these players for myself. Bad idea to go into a draft w/ this philosophy.


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