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  • rolo40 rolo40 Feb 5, 2009 6:27 PM Flag

    Snooze you looze off to ESPN

    I used Yahoo Fantasy Plus sports for the past couple of years spending about 124.99 x 3 for custom leagues, but have always wanted to try ESPN or CBS, since they are already up
    and running and Yahoo is dragging it`s behind, I think finally this is the year I try something new!!!

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    • ah I get it. Becuase you fought overseas we should feel sorry for you? It was your choice to go there, and besides, who the hell uses that as an excuse for fantasy baseball? You can go to espn, maybe you'll be the 1st I know who likes it, highly doubt it though.

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      • Finally! I'm glad someone else said it! These troops really milk this whole "I fought for our country overseas" thing. Who gives a rat's ass? Maybe you should have stayed there you douchebag. Everyone knows that the military is pretty much the dregs of society. Personally, I'm glad most of them are over there. I hope they like the country so much that they decide to MOVE there! Morons.

    • I kind of like the Fox leagues once they get going. I would never trust their ratings of players for predraft as their rankings are wayyyy off!!! I thought about joining ESPN but havent made up my mind. Good luck in whatever you choose.

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      • Yeah, I'm checking out Fox this season myself.

        So far, it's OK except - You're right the rankings are way off. And for some reason I can't get the changes to save until the next day. Wrote them an email and they wrote back saying they'd take a look. But I kind of gave up after a day or two. I think I'll check back in this week and see if they resolved the issue.

        Also, it is part of MSN and I don't really like MSN. I'm a Mac guy and I have to sign in through Firefox. That isn't that big an issue, but still it is a strike against.

        But I think that the site closely resembles Yahoo's. I really like Yahoo the most. So, I'm thinking with the problems, I'll probably decide to stick with Yahoo in the future.

        I also don't like ESPN, TSN or CBS. I have played them all and they just don't compare. They each have some good points but overall they are lacking compared to Yahoo.

    • See ya... Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    • I will play my one public league this year, and it will be on ESPN. Not because Yahoo is slow to open up, which they are, but because ESPN offers an Auction Draft.

      Imagine that: you get to bid on players without playing in a Money League! And what's more, the guy who holds your money can't disappear, because you didn't have to put any money up!

      ESPN is not ready to handle fantasy baseball on Yahoo's scale. And that's a huge if very short-term opportunity for Yahoo and its boys in India. Yahoo, you have another year to figure out how to offer superior content (think Karabell and Jason Grey) plus the diverse fantasy formats (auction drafts) that ESPN presents on a smaller scale.

      Work hard in that direction. The ad money is going to go with the players, and unless Yahoo gets better, fast, that money is going toward ESPN.

    • Punk as!@ I got your Flamer, while you have been sitting on your duff enjoying liberty, I have spent the last 6 years overseas getting my as%% shot at, while your punk as!@ has been chillin on couch I have been eating sand the sea and taking and giving shi@ for the good old USA.

    • lol take your sorry self over to those sites its february moron season doesnt start for 2 months your pathatic

    • rolandmcgregor you sure showed them who is the bosss...fuckoutta here flamer!!!!

    • I started this listing, I set up a league last night and me and my co-workers had a off line draft this morning and picks already entered, a large league with 20 teams with 30 total roster spots for each team, so few players were left out, 4 divisons with 5 in each and 8 playoff spots, I have been Stationed overseas for the past 6 years and just got introduced to Fanatsy 2 years ago, won 1 baseball and 2 football leagues in the last 2 years, I have loved Yahoo but always wanted to give CBS or ESPN a look over, so I talked the guys at work into trying something new so were drafted and ready to go, only a little fine tunning will be needed rookie surprises spring; training pains; other than that were are all happy

    • I would like leagues to open too, but I don't see the big deal about ESPN being open I went to search their drafts and was thinking about switching over (after playing years of baseball, basketball, and football here) but their first draft dates aren't even until Feb 17th when you search which by then yahoo will probably be up. Am I missing something over at ESPN do they have leagues where you can already draft?

    • I agree, I like espn more...They give you so much more for free, its not even close...The only reason why I stick around on yahoo is because I been here for 4 years and have 1 hell of a profile that I dont wanna give up, i'd like to keep adding trophys and keep my winning percentage at 72 or higher...Just cant walk away from 4 years of hard work..

      And I agree with the commish...It makes no sense for yahoo to open football in June 3 months before the season starts but open up baseball only 4-5 weeks before it starts...Can somebody explain that to me?

      Yahoo for some reason screws the pooch too long when it comes to baseball...I dont get it.

      Im not in a rush by any means...But I would like to set up my leagues and be done with it.

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