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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 7, 2009 8:20 PM Flag

    Snooze you looze off to ESPN

    I will play my one public league this year, and it will be on ESPN. Not because Yahoo is slow to open up, which they are, but because ESPN offers an Auction Draft.

    Imagine that: you get to bid on players without playing in a Money League! And what's more, the guy who holds your money can't disappear, because you didn't have to put any money up!

    ESPN is not ready to handle fantasy baseball on Yahoo's scale. And that's a huge if very short-term opportunity for Yahoo and its boys in India. Yahoo, you have another year to figure out how to offer superior content (think Karabell and Jason Grey) plus the diverse fantasy formats (auction drafts) that ESPN presents on a smaller scale.

    Work hard in that direction. The ad money is going to go with the players, and unless Yahoo gets better, fast, that money is going toward ESPN.


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