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  • Kevin Kevin Sep 29, 2008 9:37 AM Flag

    Yahoo arbitrary decision is bogus

    Why doesn't today's game count? It is a regular season game, and isn't an extra game like Tuesdays....It's bogus and I agree with many others, I'll seriously have to look for another place to play...at minimum they should let the league's decide if it should count.

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    • I agree 100%. I finished in 3rd place a 1/2 point behind 2nd. I had Dye and Polanco ready to go on 9/29 but it didn't count, what BS!

    • for some of my fantasy league.

      IT'S FREE!

      While I disagree with them on many things, it is the easiest and most cost effective site I am aware of for fantasy leagues. In my $ leagues, we use Sportsline and split the cost for using their service.

    • league ends Sunday Nite, regardless of what else happens.

    • I agree with you. I started Alexei Ramirez on September 12 and lost the points for that game when it was rained out. His homerun and runs scored would have tied me for first in my league.

      I can look back and see on September 14 that it shows him active that day.

      Sour grapes for me.

    • Can't you read? Yahoo advertised the season end as September 28th....BEFORE the season even started. If you needed one more game to make the difference...you managed your team poorly! Now STFU and learn to read rules!

    • What about teams that DON'T play make up games because they are unneccessary? The season ends when the season ends. I lost by 16 measly points. I had over 26,000 points....ONE more start might have done it. I'm not whining and complaining. WTF........ By the way, we DID try "another place to play"........We came back to Yahoo. You will too.

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      • yeah guys grow up.. it happens, what about the cubs houston series, you don't think anyone had a derrek lee, a ramirez, a soriano, maybe berkman.. oswalt, valverde. kerry wood, marmol.... hell lets complain that the cubs benched soriano and lee and ramirez on friday. those basta rds. i mean u could have used them. u expected them for 162 games... blah blah blah. if u lose by 10, you made a mistake somewhere, it sucks, its fantasy baseball.
        if this was a free league...ur not seriously that upset are you?
        if this was a money league.. sorry man.. that does suck, but it happens, you didn't play well enough, don't make excuses for yourself, and if u reply to this or you think to your self, well no i would ahve won... well no. u didn't, you didn't play well enough for the last 4 months sorry. it sucks.

    • The final "Week" of the Fantasy season was September 15 to September 28, and no further. That's the way the cookie crumbles (so to speak).

      Plus, that game was originally scheduled for like three weeks.

      If you all choose to play elsewhere, at least take the time to know the rules of the league BEFORE you play.

    • H2H leagues should not have this extra game counted since roster management is critical to winning. Having a random extra game will throw all that off.

      Rotisserie leagues should have this game counted, since it was known from the beginning of the season that you get 162 games per slot.

      btw..this is how ESPN is handling the situation. Sounds most logical to me.

    • Wow, this is some of the most moronic complaining I've ever saw.

      The championship round runs for 14 days. It's not a certain number of games. And when you draft someone, there's no guarantee he'll play even one game for you. They could suffer a season ending injury at any given time.

      People who are good at fantasy learn their league rules and learn to adapt when needed. If you can't do these things, you're going to lose horribly, barring some amazing luck.

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      • "This is some of the most moronic complaining I've ever saw."

        That is one of the most moronic sentences I have ever read. It was also a weak argument. I do not have a player that got injured and did not play a game for me. I have a player who played 161 games for me and scored a run in tonight's final REGULAR SEASON game which would put me in first place in my roto league. Had he scored this run back in June or whenever the game was supposed to be played, I would have won my league.

        When it comes to petitioning the MLB office, you miss the point. If a game is not played, you of course, cannot get statistics for it. This game was played, however.

        I realize there is nothing I can do about this, but what I am looking for is a logical reason that extends further than Yahoo not wanting to do work on their servers to give credit for the game, and I have yet to see one from any of these posts defending yahoo except for maybe that they set the length of the season and refuse to change (which still seems wrong).

        Call me biased if you want to, but I have seen
        1) stop complaining because you lost - "great" point, seeing as the winners did so unfairly

        2) you mismanaged your team because you do understand the rules of head-to-head - not the case for me

        3) Yahoo gets to pick the rules of their game - Yahoo is providing a service to us, and even though it is free they are generating revenue off of us. They have a duty, as any service-based profession does, to the customer when they are making a profit off of our business.

        So any of you who submitted any of these garbage arguments, if you want to try again and think about your post this time, I really would love to hear a reasonable argument.

    • I think all extra games should count, but Yahoo never said come play a 162 game schedule, they gave you dates the game ran between. Get over it.

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