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  • King Fish King Fish Aug 24, 2008 8:27 PM Flag

    Want to see again. 1-10 what do you think?

    Since you guys loved busting on this team so much. i thought id give you another chance. Fire away. Try and be constructive. But, that team sucks is good to. But any trade or FA ideas and 10 would be prefered, Im in a 12 team H2h public league. Deangelo Williams is a FA, but i dont think i need him. Any ideas?

    QB Tom Brady, Brett Farve
    RB LJ, D Mac, J fargas, J stewart, R mendenhall
    WR G jennings, C Chamber, R white, DJ hackett, R meachem
    TE Kellen Winslow
    K Josh Brown
    DEF Dallas

    I need a elite receiver. but who doesnt. I do wish there werent so many unanswered questions about my RB's . rookies and Lj? I did pick up meachem today. Another long shot. I know. 1-10 please.

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    • your have the names. but the bengals were what even last year. its not like there tearing it up. chad had all kind of off season problems. I wouldnt call Kitna great QB and for sure isnt better the n brees and they only pass a little more. Im worried about vince taken catches is all with him. And im not worried about the Pack. Arron is a question. I think he will be fine. I think Roddy is a lock and a hell of a talent. Of course people are going to choose yours. I never said otherwise. But i guess im just not as convinced as your are. I dont see moss or owens. and i almost rather have welker than most of either one of our guys. almost lol. and you never know which WR will be huge off the wire. there is always one. like ted ginn you never know , who knowd what homeboy will do in the windy city now that he is starting.

    • chambers will not be good as ur thinkin'... his QB doesnt throw that many TD's, his favorite target is gates obviously, chambers will get sum touches yeh but not as many as u seem to think....... roddy white i like sure cause im a falcons fan but he doesnt have a proven QB, same as jennings, unproven QB

      anybody can compare our WR's and most likely take my side.....

    • Thats why i run 4 teams. So i can take a chance on a wild card draft. I sure got it.

    • Well, you do have some great WR no doubt. For sure some huge names. I thinks WR are always a gamble is all. I compared numbers and read the blog and made my draft up with that info. Your guys are proven stars. And my guys Arent and that is the difference. But compare the numbers and my guys are even with yours. That does count for something. There not proven for more then a 1 or 2, but roddy had a big year last year. I dont see why that should change. Jennings has looked good so far. and got a lot of TD's. He is going to be a big target in that offense. and the charges pass a lot to. and have a great team. with a good QB not to mention in the AFC. and i think chamber is going to be hugh this year. Thats just my hope. Im never said my guys were better only that they compare by the numbers. But they are not proven. you are correct. that is also the same problem with the RB staff. I see that. But they are not short of talent. If they all live up to there number agains. I just dont think it sucks. Just a little more risky then a normal team. with a hugh chance to swing either way.

    • i dont think he will be as good as last year either... defenses had a lot of time durin' the offseason to figure him out.... n' dude im not pissed i just honestly think ur team isnt good at all... and im jus still shocked u said ur WR's will be jus as good as mine, i guarantee u take that back.........

    • -10. lol

    • Well he is pretty good. But im worried about that as well. He wont be ass good as last year i dont think. At least it will be very difficult 10 right. no for real, if you werent pissed at me.

    • if u didnt have brady... -10

      but brady knocks it up 10 points... so 0 haha =)

    • thanks for the reply's any more ides. still no ratings. What do you think 1-10.

    • Meachum might be the choice. but then i dont have the depth at WR i would like. to many backs then. Maybe i just roll the dice and let it ride. This for sure is my gable draft of the season so far.

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