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  • King Fish King Fish Aug 22, 2008 1:34 PM Flag

    I Just have to Show this team off. Sorry!

    But i knew maybe you guys might appreciate It. This was mostly Auto draft set up.I got alot of my targeted players. But i got favre and and mendenhall off the wire. What do you think?

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    • lol hey guys... jus let that be his last response, dont reply back at him at all lol jus let him talk to himself.... he dont kno football, we all know that, thats all that matters haha................

    • 12 team 14 round draft-Manning, Eli QB , Jamal Lewis RB
      Peterson, Adrian RB MIN
      Colston, Marques
      Gonzalez, Anthony
      Williams, Roy WR
      Scheffler, Tony TE
      Brown, Josh K
      Steelers DST
      Young, Vince QB TEN
      Brown, Ronnie RB MIA
      Hardy, James WR BUF
      Giants DST

    • Big Panzy with more ignorant Bullshit... I think you need the break... You know I'm right and are too much of a Coward to admit it... Get a Life!!!

    • lmao... jus my OPINION on tellin' you how much ur team sucks and isnt as good as you say it is lol... jus relax dude, give it up already, mad ppl said chit to you and how much it sucks so obviously ur wrong lol so like i said...

      GIVE IT A REST.....

    • Here is your first post. Your telling me this isnt Bagging and Bragging. I dont see anything constructive here. Just you being a D*ick!

      wow yeh that team is total garbage man... theres nothing to show off lol

      if u wanna see a REAL team this is mine in a 10 man public team

      big ben
      chad johnson
      roy williams
      s jackson
      w parker
      r brown
      d branch
      m hasselbeck
      w mcgahee
      ray rice
      rob bironas

      now thats a team that will be goin' all the way......

    • lol didnt kno a person's opinion was considered bragging, but hey if u dont like what i say then dont read it fool... thanks for the good laugh today tho, i needed it!!!

    • Whatever dude! Everytime i see you on here your bagging and bragging. Its not constructive crit its just you be a C@ock munch for some reason. Im done with you!

    • haha wow i cant believe i jus wasted my time reading all that... i dont bag on other ppl on here, i jus give out my opinions, if sumbody else has a different opinion im obviously gunna try to prove my point, if you ask me ur the one that started baggin' on my guys sayin' each and one of them will be garbage this season lol... i was never hating on you or team, i was givin' you my OPINION that ur team isnt as stacked as you think and theres not much to really show off about it.... thats all, lol i wasnt tryin' to start a war on a message board wit sumbody i dont kno

    • Man you keep talking about your team like that is the team you drafted and then you talk about how bad ass your are for making trades to get the team you have. But your not showing the team you drafted. Plus your in a 10 team league probably with a bunch of other little kids who were dumb enough to give you there best players cause they dont know any better. The team I am showing was picked by design on a auto draft. I got Tom brady, Roddy white, jennings, LJ, D mac, Justin fargas, kellen Winslow all by design the rest just came. I havent event started trying to trade anything. I have 3 teams and 1 on the way. and at least 2 are better then this. I dont start making trades till i see what i have then i can trade or add drop. I NEVER ONCE SAID THIS WAS BAD ASS TEAM AND WAS GOING TO WIN ANYTHING YOU F#CKING MORON. I was only showing off the fact that i was able to score that many good players by adjusting the auto draft. I can still make moves.
      And i have some guys with a lot of up side. you never know which one of the rookie running backs might be the next AP and i have three of the top 4 top prospects dumb ass. one of which is D Mac and if he doesnt do well i have his handcuff. If more then one does well then i have trade bate for a WR, plus there are always at least a few steals off the FA wire. I am worried about LJ of course but if comes anywhere close to were he was. (and reports seem to have been good. SO FAR!) he will be huge. and jenning's will be fine with the new QB have you been paying attention arron.
      AND JUST LIKE YOU SAID LAST YEAR DOESNT COUNT. THAT MY FRIEND GOES FOR YOUR WR'S OR ANY PLAYER FOR THAT MATTER TO DUMBASS. Anyone can get hurt. And Have you not seen the problems Chad is haveing in the off season. So before you keep hating stop and look again. Im not saying it is a Chapionship team I do think i could make the playoffs without changeing a thing which is a good starting point. But it is only a starting point.
      IF YOU DONT SEE THE POTIENTIAL THIS TEAM HAS then you my friend are blind. Should i be worried about my young running backs of course, but at least one of the is likely going to be huge. Im not that worred about my WR. No there not the big name guys you seem so fond of. But comparing past stats is all we have and by the numbers my guys stack up. and yes maybe your WR are superstars. They mosly just have big names. none of them are MOSS or OWENS. So they all went in the same rounds as mine did which means there about equal. So you have some names. Dont make more then it is. I do like your team. you have built a good team thru your trades and whatever. Very strong. i commend you. But dont bag on my guys and hate just cause. You have to admit that each and every one of the picks i mentioned above would have been a good pick in a live draft. and to get the handcuff was huge. I did grab two FA guys, Maybe brett was pick up out of respect for my favorite player. but hell is arguably the best QB of all time. i had to! mendenhall was just a lotter tickett in case Wille doent score. so just chill. you have a good team but that aint the team you drafted. I have a good team to start but i have some needs to address. But so do you my friend both in fantasy and in the real world. I see you on these boards all the time bagging on people for no reason. Do you get some sort of power from it or something? Must be low self asteem or something. I dont know. but if your going to bag on people at least respect them and what they are trying to do. Maybe look at the big picture, and big potiential and not just your big names.

    • lol not 18... 20, thats old enough to do whatever i want trust me... i wasnt tryin' to talk chit to you, i was jus tellin' you ur team sucks cause ur the one that got on to "show off" your team... so i sent you a better team like others did... lol u need stop sayin' my WR's wont do anything this season, and stats last year dont mean chit dude, its a new year, and like i sed ur best and only good WR will not do what he did last season, he dont have brett favre anymore, and deff stop comparin' my WR's to urs, mine beat yours by a long shot dude.... lol but yeh, im younger and i kno my football better then you.... fargus? lol, and u dont even kno who ray rice is, thats pathetic, u should be ashamed!!

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