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  • Ray B Ray B Jun 29, 2008 12:51 PM Flag

    I will answer your questions

    CONNOR JACKSON..........I'm in a twenty team scoresheet basebabll league and I have been asked to trade my 12th round 09' pick for Connor Jackson.
    Whatdo you think about Jackson? Is he worth a 12? Does he put us over the edge offensivey? Is he a protection type player.
    This is a 10 player keeper league so I'am anixous to see what you have to say.

    Please any comment and/or advice is put to much greatly needed help.
    I think you for your time..

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    • ok, i personally am not a true fan of conor jackson and hes really not that great, he might blossom into a star but i don't think hes going to be a huge impact for ur team, 12th round can hold a lot of possibilities for steals or break out players if u do ur research well enough, i don't know if u pay attention to basektball but hedo turkogolu was rated about 120 which is equivalent to 12th round and he finished top 20 statsitically so my answer is don't go for jackson


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