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  • Chucktown00 Chucktown00 Jun 25, 2008 5:03 AM Flag

    Aramis for Joe Nathan

    Can you believe these a**clowns? Dude, without looking at your team, his team, and the entire league standings no one on here can give you a very good answer. Those who do are fools(the only true knowledge comes in knowing you knbow nothing). I will give you one tip: take your team and subtract the stats you have earned at third base. Now add in those of ramirez so far. Now minus the contributions of Nathan. Are you in a better postion? Now try and figure, based on what they have done so far this season, what you can expect from Ramirez. Use that to project where you will be by seasons end in relation to your opponents. In other words, will this deal put you in first? Its not always the best players that win fantasy. You can win with a good team if it is put together right in relationship to the other teams. Perhaps you are in a very tight race for saves, whip, ERA(a closer helps a little in the last 2) but you don't have much room to gain in the hitting stats. You would lose more points in the pitching stats then you could make up in the hitting. Also, how are they injury wise? Has one been playing over his head and due for a correction?Then this might be a bad trade for you.
    Its all about the context and no one here has seen it. Perhaps you could post your league id so they could take a peak and you would get better advice.
    I would, however, not take anymore advice from anyone that tried to tell you what you should do without looking at your league. They obviously speak without thinking.


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