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  • Clark Clark Jun 18, 2008 10:19 PM Flag

    lol, no i'll answer your questions!!

    Im in 8th place out of 10 man h2h league. I think my team is good but things just arent working out for me. I was in last the first 5 weeks of the season so I'm improving but what do i do?

    c Ryan Doumit
    1b Prince Fielder
    2b Brandon Phillips
    3b David Wright
    SS Jhonny Peralta
    OF Ryan Braun
    OF Adam Dunn
    OF Corey Hart
    Util. Carlos Beltran
    OF Jay Bruce
    DL Carlos Pena (Imma put him as Util when he comes back)

    SP C.C. Sabathia
    SP Scott Kazmir
    RP Takashi Saito
    RP B.J. Ryan
    P Ryan Franklin
    P C.J. Wilson
    P A.J. Burnett
    P Armando Gallaraga
    P Vicente Padilla
    P Erik Bedard
    P John Maine

    I am trying to trade for A rod by trading Pena. Also I have desperately trying to send an OF for more Pitching. Carlos Beltran is the person I would most like to see leave my Outfield. Not like he is bad or anything but still. All year I have been trying to get Volquez, E. Santana or Cole Hamels because I need another ace in my staff. But how can I move out of 8th? I really only need to be in 6th by the end of the season to make the playoffs. HELP! lol

    Thanks for your advice...

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    • put bruce, in your ok , and trade for some pitching

    • What do you mean by "I am trying to trade for A rod by trading Pena." are you saying you're trying to trade Pena straight up for AROD???

      Personally I'd try keeping Beltran and trading Dunn, Dunn is going to kill you in BA. Also you don't need AROD you're set at 3b and Util currently. Try trading for a SS that is what you really need lineup wise.

      E Santana isn't an ace, don't bother trying to trade for volquez. The way he is playing right now people will want to much for him. Your pitching really isn't that bad. Kazmir/Sabathia/Bedard/Maine is a pretty good combo. If you can land one more solid SP for the end of your rotation you should be set.

      So to recap try using some combo of
      Bruce,Peralta,Pena or Dunn, and Burnett to land a SS and a SP.