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  • pepper pepper Jun 18, 2008 4:22 PM Flag

    Trade Volquez?

    lol. i tell you what. start checking the fantasy profiles of everyone that called you an idiot and see how they do in fantasy baseball. then, you check my profile. Make your own decision on who might know what they are talking about.

    I would prefer to try and trade volquez for more than rios. but let's say you can't. I love Rios. excellent outfielder and his value has only gone up with all the extra steals. He'll hit his stride before year is over on power. he isn't crap or terrible or overrated. He's the real deal. If he were playing well, then no one would say a word. If he were playing well, there is no way in h@ll the other guy would trade you rios, too.

    I have concerns about Volquez. he walks a ton of guys. He throws too many pitches. He is young and has zero track record. I'm guessing he wears down as year goes along, especially with the pitcher destroyer Dusty Baker as his manager. As a keeper, i love him. as an annual league player, his value is as high as it will ever get. you are wise to consider what you can get for him.

    Without knowing every player on your team, hard to say good or bad to rios/volquez. I'd negotiate for more, if I could. But if I really needed a solid OF and I really did have enough other pitching, then i'd do the deal. The same people that are calling you an idiot would be same people losing to you as Rios heats up and Volquez cools off.

    And I SERIOUSLY wish all those people calling you an idiot were in MY league. I'd sure swing them a deal for the number 12 rated Milton Bradley right now.

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    • listen, you don't need a long explanation on this...........volquez is dealing....rios is dragging........will rios heat up? sure, maybe, but even then how hot will he really get? as for volquez, he's YOUNG....sure he'll hit a wall soon and his numbers will jump, but he's a special player....trust me.....last time i checked walks aren't included in fantasy baseball, so that's a non issue......he'll get over 275k's this season.....he'll win over 15 games......and his ERA will end up in the top 5...track record or not...he's THE MAN!!!


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