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  • zach v zach v Jun 11, 2008 9:05 AM Flag

    how can i get better any suggestions

    i am in 9th

    victor martinez
    mike jacobs
    dan uggla
    michael young
    joe crede
    alex gordon
    manny rameriez
    hedeki matsui
    jd drew
    vernon wells

    cc sabathia
    aaron harang
    aaron cook
    brett myers
    justin verlander
    jo-jo reyes
    johnathen papelbon
    trevor hoffman

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    • First, you got to hope that VMart returns to his normal self. Do not drop him.

      CC, Cook, and Harang have all been struggling. None of them should be dropped; if they turn it around, you SP should be decent.

      Who else is available at 1B? Might be able to pick up a Giambi-type player off the wire.

      If thiings don't turn around, I'd consider selling high on Uggla. That said, only trade him if you get real value in return. He'll be solid the rest of the way, but you might be able to fill some needs with him.

      In short sit tight and hope things turn around, and find a new 1B. Good luck.

    • What category are you weakest in? I'm guessing you have little RBI/HR and probably very weak W/SV totals.

      The only value players you have are Ramirez, Uggla, Young, Sabathia and Papelbon. The rest are guys past their prime or who will quickly drop off their current pace.

      Try to trade Martinez to someone who doesn't realize he's finished. Throw in Gordon and Jacobs if you can get decent value for it.

      Your OF looks pretty set at two positions, but I wouldn't count on Drew to keep up the pace. Be prepared to replace him.

      Pitching-wise, you might see if you can trade Papelbon for a top level starter. You seem to have some very average pitchers. I'd be willing to give up Harang and Meyers for nearly nothing.

    • get a catcher....v mar doesnt even have a hr. jacobs WAS hot but not now so drop him. ur pitching will come around though


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