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  • Chris M Chris M Jun 6, 2008 1:09 AM Flag

    A moral question- Opinions welcome

    I have traded a lot to get a serious lineup.
    Mauer, Teixeira, Utley, Hanley, Arod, Soriano, Manny, Grady and Youkolis and Michael Young and Furcal as bench.
    Pitchers are Beckett, Felix, Verlander, CC Sabathia, Owings, and Weaver
    Closers are Mariano and Borowski and Isringhausen when he comes back.

    Feel free to critique the team but here's the question: I have a guy in my league that says I should give away a player or two to keep the competitive balance. I think that's crazy. I traded a ton to get most of these guys. It's a 10 HTH league. Is he crazy?

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    • Yeah making a lot of trades normally helps your roster. Im in a 16 Team keeper league and through many trades this year my rosters has become...

      C - Soto
      1B - R. Howard
      2B - Kelly Johnson
      SS- H. Ramirez
      3B - R. Braun
      OF - Pence, Holliday, Rios
      Utl - Alexei Ramirez (this is usually a spot for players who are hot)

      SP - J. Santana
      SP - T. Lincecum
      SP - Cueto (league counts Ks and K9 so he is really useful)
      RP - Capps
      RP - Borowski
      RP - Howry (for holds)
      P - Gordon (holds)

      Keep in mind this is a 16 team league...

      So basically you shud tell the commish to fuck off because u ve drafted well, made good trades and picked up good players that have made trading easier
      P - Guardado (holds)

    • While it's clear that the league is a joke (in that the other players don't seem to have a clue about what they're doing), you have no moral obligation to 'give away' your players, and would be foolish to do so.

      Is it a standard 5x5 league (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP)? If it is, I wouldn't trade away your offensive machine, as it's much more important in H2H than pitching is. Hell, try to trade away the rest of SPs for some more offense (Pujols, Holliday) and closers, and you'll be set. If it's 5x5, stack your closers, don't worry about ERA/WHIP, pick up a ton of FA SPs each week, and win the pitching categories 3-2 everytime (SVs, K, W).

      Guys you should not trade away: Arod, Soriano, Utley, Hanley, Manny, Rivera.

      Use the rest to get 2 more solid RPs and another offensive weapon or two.

    • I am going to refrain from evaluating your team - who you desire and want on your team is up to you. The other participants in your league should have been smart enough not to allow you to develop that sort of team - for example, through trades, etc. The people in your league need to realize that playing in something like this takes a little bit of time, knowledge and research. Ok, I said I wouldn't comment -but seriously, Isringhausen? Get ready to see a lot of BS on his line whenever he returns!

    • your league is a joke

    • Give players back??? Whateryagonnado? Put HanRam on the waiver wires?

      You built the team fair and square... now smoke the rest of the league... it's the name of the game... it's like USC vs Southern Iowa... Run up the damn score and send em home crying

    • Honestly, I can see why this guy in your league is upset. It must appear to him that you have either cheated your way to the top or no-one in your league is active or is knows enough about baseball to veto such ridiculous trades which took place. If you have in fact not cheated, you should have no obligation to give back any players. You were simply taking the opportunities which were given to you. There is nothing morally wrong with that.

    • Is the guy crazy to ask for players back or am I being a poor sport?

    • If ya been honest then no, but how did ya do it? heck give me half of that team and I'll win any league!

    • I taught college ethics last term; there is no moral question. Competitive balance is nice, but it was the responsibility of others in your league to veto those trades; you're the only one who's NOT somewhat at fault here. As for the freebie - what exactly did the owner who is requesting it do to deserve it?

      As for the team, you should have all hitting categories wrapped up, even if you trade a player or two. Get one strong closer (and watch FA for others) and one or two starters.

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