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  • chris b chris b May 22, 2008 12:48 PM Flag

    which of these outfielders should i pick up?

    billy butler,ibanez,jdamon,nswisher,ebyrnes! this would be my 4th outfielder,or should i pick up hafner and hope he turns it around?

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    • Dont pick up butler or damon...

      The guy you pick up depends on what stats you need (meaning the what is your lineup already strong in?)

      If you need more SB's... then you go with Ebyrnes... decent power and gets a few more stolen bases than the rest.

      If you want power... I say go for Hafner... one thing to check with veteran hitters is their current BA to their career BA... if they are hitting below their career BA, then its good to take a flier on them in hopes that they hit well enough to get their BA up to their career norms... If they are hitting above thier BA... then you are most likely looking at a let down for the rest of the season...

      I like ebyrnes personally because I think he brings more to the table than the other guys...

      Swisher is good if you can live with the low career BA.

    • hafner or swisher. the white sox have a good lineup... if they warm up he's the guy that will be given the hittable pitches.

      hafner's in a 2 year slump. he may just not be that good now that he's off the juice.


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