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  • Tim Tim May 17, 2008 11:22 AM Flag

    How's my team look??

    im in a standard 12 team h2h league. here's my team:
    C V Martinez
    1B C. Jackson
    2B D. Uggla
    3B M. Lowell
    SS M. Tejeda
    OF M. Holliday
    OF M Kemp
    OF BJ Upton
    UTL M. Bradley
    Bnch P. Burrell, A. Beltre

    SP Dice-K
    SP S. Kazmir
    RP J. Papelbon
    RP JJ Putz
    P CJ Wilson
    P R. Franklin
    P M. Scherzar
    Bnch G. Smith, G. Olson, S. Marcum
    DL J. Isringhausen

    Currently im in 3rd but it's only b/c last week my team did great, but this week it's been alittle shaky. I also have 2 trades waiting for response:
    P. Burrell (ive been trying to shop him for awhile) and Olson for Ellisbury and Laroche
    Beltre for Cook
    What do you think about my team and these trades thanks. Im willing to answer any ones questions just respond to mine and ask


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