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  • Kevin S Kevin S May 13, 2008 9:21 PM Flag

    I need experts here

    Will Verlander pick it up?
    Will Bedard pick it up?
    How will Cliff Lee do through the rest of the season?
    Is it very very important to have good pitchers?
    Is this pitching staff sufficient for a 6 team league?
    (I can only start 5 of these guys)
    Erik Bedard
    Cole Hamels
    James Shields
    Chris Young
    Ervin Santana
    Joe Saunders
    Tim Hudson

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    • Yes
      Has it been so far? (never played in 6 team league, seems pointless).

    • to finish off, cliff lee of course will slow down a bit but still will be very good. he doesnt go up there throwing his hardest, he actually knows how to pitch. he goes inside on hitters which alot of pitchers cant do and he then gets them to chase or goes outside after inside which is the best way to pitch. for a 6 man team it could be better but i like it. the only question i would have would be on justin verlander but other then him i think the rest are good and some will turn it around and hamels should start getting back to early season form.

      please write me back on how good my information was and if it was helpful? please and thank you.
      email: hernandezchristian65@yahoo.com

    • Ervin Santana
      Joe Saunders
      Tim Hudson

      try trading these's 3 for one good starter

    • well first, yes, pitching is imprtant, it is worth half of your scoring. i really dont think verlander will have to good of a season. why u may ask??? well 1. there is no bad american league team that you could feel confident pitching against. 2. the defense around him isnt very good and that is important. 3. ive seen about two of his starts and he is just missing his spots pretty bad from what ive seen and he doesnt get ahead of hitters so far. 4. he has good stuff but really what has he shown us from coming out? erik bedard will do alright. 1. well he is a strikeout pitcher and thats always good. 2. his defense is better then verlanders. 3. well look what he did with baltimore last year and i think seattles a better hitting team then last years baltimore.

    • Erik Bedard (hopefully wins will come around)

      Cole Hamels (Been solid with great offense to back him up)

      James Shields ( 2 CG SH last 4 games Pitch great today against Yanks)

      Ervin Santana (ride him while you can)

      Tim Hudson (Same as Hamels, getting run support Pitching great.

    • Cliff Lee will be solid for the remainder, more because of the defense behind him than his skills, but don't think he'll finish with that .67 era. However barring injury, he will be a 20 game winner with around a 2.8 era, with a whip close to his era and a similar k/9.

      Bedard will pick it up, the way I see it, he's not really back from the injury until he has another solid outing.

      Verlander will get better, but he won't be close to a CY Young contender, their defense isn't there, and let's face it, most of the Tigers got the cushy contracts they wanted.

      Pitching is half of your record, so yes it is important. If your in a basic head to head, you have 5 offensive and 5 defensive (pitching) catagories, so I don't see how anyone could think otherwise.

      Finally, I would say your staff looks decent. Just try to look at your matchups and pay attention to what teams your starters are up against, try to avoid any pitching against teams like the Cubs, Brewers, Red Sox, and maybe even the Marlins and definately the Rangers (when in Texas, big hitter's park). Also, two start weeks are huge, if your pitcher has a bad outing, he'll likely make up for it later...

      that's about it, if you need anything else, let me know, I haven't lost a week in fantasy baseball in 3 years, and I usually have a crappy draft.

      p.s.: any closers??? John Rausch for Washington is available in a lot of leagues.

    • Listen to me, james shields is a ray, they are good now but looking at all of the other picthers no doubt shields is the weakspot, hopefully yu havent made any moves yet but believce me,

    • Yes Verlander will pick it up. He has been a very good young pitcher the last few years. His stuff is too good to keep up at this pace, once he gets his control down he will be back to that 3.5-4 era range with tons of K's and wins just like last year.

      Bedard will turn it around when...wait what the hell are you talkin about? His era is 3.5 with 33.2 innings and 27 k's. For coming off an injury that held him out of his first few starts and all of spring training...thats pretty damn good. In his 5 starts after his first start returning from injury, he has a 2.18 era in 30+ IP with 25 K's. So my answer is he will turn it around as soon as you lower your expectations for players coming off prolonged injury.

      I like Cliff Lee, remember in 2005 he was a SOLID young SP. He was injured in 06 and just never really got back his excellent location (he has 4 walks right now in 53 IP, thats 1 BB per 12 IP.) So it would be no surprise at this point for Lee to finish with a sub 3.5 era and 18-20 wins with 200 IP and 150 K's.

      Every year I usually use a top 3 or 4 round pick on my ACE, C C Sabathia this year in round 3 (only Tulowitsky is lookin worse...well maybe my first overall pick in R. Howard). When it works out, I think it is invaluable to have two guys that will have over 150 K's and 15 wins with eras in the sub 3.75 range and a low whip. Those two with good free agent management should give you a chance to compete every week. Ive seen managers do well without drafting an ace and ive seen them to great drafting 4 aces. My suggestion is to go with what you know and are comfortable with. If you plan on not drafting one and trading for one late but you suck at putting together a good trade then dont go that route...be true to thine self.

      If Verlander does turn it around and Santana/Saunders can keep it up yes, but I dont see BOTH of those things happening so I would try to beef up if possible. 6 team leagues are stupid unless SSSUUUPPPEERRRR deep.

    • Yes
      I think he will keep it up for 3 more games, then start struggling.
      YES! In drafts, many people draft batters first, but pitchers are just as importnat, because there are just as many hitting categories as there are pitching.
      Verlander, Shields, Santana, Saunders, and Hudson.

    • verlander- no
      bedard- yes.
      Lee- okay, not great
      Yes u need P that's half of your score
      Decent P

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