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  • Artisen Artisen May 11, 2008 7:06 PM Flag

    I'm struggling a bit, any suggestions?

    C- Victor Martinez
    1B- Albert Pujols
    2B- Placido Polanco
    3B- Adrian Beltre
    SS- Rafael Furcal
    OF- Ryan Ludwick
    OF- Carlos Quentin
    OF- Carlos Gomez
    UT- Casey Kotchman
    BN- Chris Young [OF]
    BN- Orlando Hudson [2B]
    BN- Augie Ojeda [2B/SS]

    SP- Aaron Cook
    SP- Greg Smith
    SP- Micah Owings
    SP- Derek Lowe
    SP- Randy Johnson
    SP/RP- Justin Duchscherer
    RP- Carlos Marmol
    RP- Santiago Casilla
    RP- Chad Qualls
    CL- BJ Ryan

    I thought this would be a rather good team, but I need to start winning some games before I sink below .500. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    • 1st. start chris young. second. trade casilla for a closer. you only have one. get a better of also, quentin and gomez and young are good, but try and get rid of ludwick. he wont keep it up

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      • I signed Ludwick due to his current hot streak. I have no intention for any of those OFs to be on my team long-term except for Chris Young and MAYBE Carlos Quentin. I signed Gomez just for some SB production, since it's a category I've been losing in recently. But who do people consider a true OF? All the ones I've seen that aren't gonna require a ridiculous amount of players to trade for aren't doing a whole lot better than Quentin or Young at the moment [at least power-wise.]

    • Pick up another starter for R Johnson, the guy is a dinosaur. See if you have any closers available on waivers that you can drop in the reliever spots. You will get more saves. Take a look at who your outfielders and backups are facing each day and start the guy who is facing the pitcher with the higher ERA.

    • Dont want to oversimplify but your SP is really weak. you need to either scour the waiver wire for a good young player that comes on strong or make a trade --I would see if anyone is interested in your young uns like Quentin or Kotchman

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      • I am very low in waivers right now because this is my first year playing and I had no idea how the waivers ranking worked until about 3 weeks ago. A lot of pitchers I see and offer good players for, most teams won't accept because most teams that have them don't need any of the players I have to offer, which makes it more difficult. Who do you think would be a good one to watch?

    • Chris Young only made my bench until today when I picked up Ludwick. He is only benched because Monday is an off day. I had him starting all week. That isn't my problem.

    • play C Young and get someone else for the big R Johnson

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      • The reason I keep Johnson thus far is because he is a K pitcher and there aren't any good K pitchers that are FAs in my league, and most of the pitchers that are available are not consistent. Some will allow 1 run then 6 then 2 then 5 then 0 then 7. Once Johnson is back on track he won't have unpredictable starts like that. Cook and Smith are my last two additions to my staff due to the fact that they were the only two in FA in my league that are basically the only ones maintaining an ERA under 4-5 [in at least 4-5 starts.] Any suggestions as to pitchers I may be overlooking?

    • I think u need to start Chris Young hes on ur bench so far he having a good year with the bat ur pitching is a little suspect if u can get some putchers form the free agency a pitcher like a Vicente Padilla fromthe rangers last 3 starts hes 3 and o with era under 3 overall record 5 &2

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      • I think u need to start Chris Young hes on ur bench so far he having a good year with the bat ur pitching is a little suspect if u can get some pitchers from the free agency a pitcher like a Vicente Padilla from the Rangers last 3 starts he's 3 & 0 with era under 3 overall record 5 & 2 another pitcher to mentioned Scott Olsen from the Marlins 4 & 1 with an era 2.22 not bad so keep that in mind


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