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  • John C John C May 6, 2008 7:51 PM Flag

    Help on my team, take a look

    So this an 8 team league and im forth with the team i have posted below, any ideas or tips on what needs to happen or what i need to do

    C Russell Martin
    1B David Ortiz
    1B Conor Jackson
    2B Brian Roberts
    3B David Wright
    3B Scott Rolen
    SS Carlos Guillén
    OF Grady Sizemore
    OF Carlos Lee
    OF Alfonso Soriano
    OF Eric Byrnes
    Util Chipper Jones
    Util Vernon Wells
    BN Vladimir Guerrero
    BN Michael Bourn
    DL Álex Rodríguez

    SP Chris Young
    SP Jair Jurrjens
    RP Mariano Rivera
    RP Brandon Lyon
    P Roy Halladay
    P Chad Gaudin
    P Cliff Lee
    P Jason Isringhausen
    BN Dan Haren
    BN Roy Oswalt
    BN Edinson Vólquez
    DL Pedro Martínez

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    • Josh Hamilton is a FA and no one has picked him up?? You know he's the Major League leader in RBI's?? I wish I was in that league.

    • add josh hamilton now

    • im a braves fan myself, and if you havent done so yet, i would check FA for Jair Jurgens or yunel escobar

    • Definite move:

      Pedro Martinez
      Bourn or Byrnes



      You dont need 3 3B even with Arod on the DL. I'm pretty sure Chipper can play 3rd too. I would either drop or package Scott Rolen.

      As I mentioned earlier, if you package Volquez with maybe Gaudin and Scott Rolen you may be able to land a Peavy, Bedard or Cole Hamels. Volquez is hot right now and its unlikely it will continue. Especially since Great American Ballpark scores a lot of runs and only 2 of his 6 games have been at home so far. If you had:

      Chris young and
      Peavy, Bedard, or Hamels you wil have very good pitching without losing too much. Packaging Gaudin and Rolen allow you to upgrade Volquez without losing too much.

      If you are worried about replacing Gaudin I would look at the players I mentioned before: Escobar, Lackey, Hughes, Saunders, Baker, Garza or even Chad Billingsley. Chad is stuggling right now, but somehow has 41K in 27IP. Just a matter of time before everything falls back into place as he dominated as a rookie last year and was the best started on LAD on some nights. There have to be more pitchers than you selected that you just unaware of their potential value.

      Remember, it's 162 games. Season doesnt end in May.

    • Drop Bourn and pickup Hamilton. I have him on my team and he's my top producer.

    • Your offense is ridiculously good. However, Michael Bourn and Byrnes should never see playing time with those guys you have on the team. In fact, I would simply drop them. Sounds outrageous but I doubt anyone will pick them up. Bourn is one dimensional. Byrnes always starts off the season hot and is lost in the second half so the fact he sucks already pretty much says he will have a dip year. Not to mention the huge contract he just signed. Looks like you may need to imrove OBP and SB and possibly R although you have some sluggers, but someone like a Carlos Lee doesnt score a lot of runs because no one hits behind him.

      I would consider packaging Edinson Vloquez and/or Byrnes and Bourn for another bonafide starter. Haren flates in the second half, but with less pressure he could finish strong. Halladay is sick and Oswalt will come around. Chris Young is a good compliment. Volquez will not be this year's Carmona. Chad Gaudin is overrated. Maybe package Gaudin and Volquez for a Bedard, Lincecum, Harang, Brett Myers.

      Also, I would consider dropping Pedro. As a NY media journalist there is a consensus he is done. Sure he may pitch again, albeit ineffective. I suggest seeing if Lackey and/or Escobar or even Phil Hughes is on the FA since they are on the DL for just as long as Pedro, but have more value. I would even see if Joe Saunders is on FA and similar pitchers like him - Scott Baker, Matt Garza, Kyle Kendrick.

      Good luck.

    • for starters, you are the world's biggest idiot for keeping Pedro. That is fixable. drop pedro, pick up a guy named clint barmes. trust me on this one. then, if he is available, pick up a guy named joe saunders, then max scherzer.

    • the best hitters on FA are orlando cabrera, frank thomas, garret anderson, josh hamilton, and james loney
      pitchers: takashi saito, rich hill, eric gange

    • free agency

    • what do you mean FA?

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