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    Should I drop Ian Snell for him?

    I love snell, but he is having a horrible start and also play for Pittsburgh. I still think Snell will have a decent year, but I would hate to pass on the Lincecum/ Gallardo of last year.

    My pitching is Ok but bad right now:


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    • Anyone have an opinion?

    • I have Snell in both annual and keeper leagues. I am going to drop him in the annual (possibly for Scherzer depending on the waiver) because I think he's in for a few rough outings until he finds his control. I benched him against the Mets, and I'm glad I did. A pitcher who you have to bench in annual leagues isn't worth very much IMO. In my keeper, though, I'm definitely holding him.

      I have Scherzer in my keeper league, and if no one claims him I'll have him in my annual league as well. I think his upside potential is huge, but as of now we don't even know if he'll start out with a rotation spot.

    • 4.1 7k no hits no walks first big league appearance in releif of the starter getting rocked again yeah hes worth picking up hope u have a high waiver

    • I think it would be a good move to drop Snell. You just can't trust the pirates run support to get you the wins you are going to need to contend in your league. You have a decent pitching staff, I would give it a B - just because of the way some of your pitchers are doing right now, i.e. verlander and Billingsley. But those two should come around sooner or later, so if you add a ace like lincecum/gallardo, though lincecum might run into the same problem with the run support, but you know that he is solid and proved himself that one run from his team is all he needs to get a win. Hope this helps.

    • do it this kid could be dirty near the end of the year when it matters most =)


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