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  • . . Apr 22, 2008 12:44 PM Flag

    ok rate my team please.. why am i in last place?

    well, your first pick (Howard) is stinkin it up. and you drafted Howard, Martinez, and Mauer, and that just seems silly to me. YOu wasted a quality pick somewhere for one of those guys when you could have used a late round flier for Utility, (because there are countless outfielders that step it up every year), and play Howard at first, and either Mauer or Martinez as catcher. You should trade one of those guys.
    Jeter is hurt and over rated big time.
    Youkilis isnt that good.
    You undoubtedly have been playing Cano at 2nd (and used a descent draft pick on him) and he hasnt been living up to expectations, and then picked up Lopez to play at 2nd.
    You have no stud outfielder or stud pitcher, which is hard to do in any draft..
    and you are a Yankee's fan who put way too many draft picks into 1 team. You let your inner sports fan cloud your drafting judgement.
    Trade Mauer now to a team without a catcher for a better, consistent outfielder or pitcher.

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