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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 21, 2008 1:10 PM Flag

    ok rate my team please.. why am i in last place?

    Your in last because your team lacks any star power in Pitching. You have a mediocre staff at best and that will hurt you big time in any league. You don't have anyone who is guaranteed to put up monster stuff and you have to have at least one guarantee. Your hitting is pretty solid, your not really defined in one area and are probably hurting in the SB category not to mention some of your better hitters are starting off poorly (i.e. Cano). You should turn around and gain some ground once all your hitters are back to normal but unless you make a significant acquisition on your pitching staff, you're never going to have a chance to win your league. When your top starter is Chien-Ming Wang and your top reliever Joe Nathan, you're in a lot of trouble. I suggest trading for someone like Papelbon or Cole Hamels (if not both).


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