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    ok rate my team please.. why am i in last place?

    regular 5*5 league

    Joe Mauer
    (Min - C)
    Víctor Martínez
    (Cle - C,1B)
    José López
    (Sea - 2B)
    Kevin Youkilis
    (Bos - 1B,3B)
    Derek Jeter
    (NYY - SS)
    Hideki Matsui
    (NYY - OF)
    Ryan Church
    (NYM - OF)
    Jermaine Dye
    (CWS - OF)
    Ryan Howard
    (Phi - 1B)
    John Maine
    (NYM - SP)
    Chien-Ming Wang
    (NYY - SP)
    Joe Nathan
    (Min - RP)
    C.J. Wilson
    (Tex - RP)
    Manuel Corpas
    (Col - RP)
    Andy Pettitte
    (NYY - SP)
    Jon Lieber
    (ChC - SP,RP)
    Robinson Canó
    (NYY - 2B)
    Melky Cabrera
    (NYY - OF)
    Ryan Ludwick
    (StL - OF)
    Ty Wigginton
    (Hou - 1B,2B,3B) DL
    Dana Eveland
    (Oak - SP)
    Ervin Santana
    (LAA - SP)

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    • slow start - that's all...

    • Watch who's hot and who's not each week and make trades accordingly...pick up and drop often...

    • Do you own any sb?
      You can't punt a category. Trade for Lugo or Ellsbury. Someone that can get you cheap steals. Keep Cano in your lineup, he will break out of it.

    • Too many yankees man. I am a die hard yanks fan myself and I see this is as a very common flaw among huge baseball fans. I don't even like having 2 pitchers on the same teams no matter what, unless the draft absolutely forces you. Having a nice 1-2 punch in an ace and closer or a 3 and 4 hitter on a strong team is alright. What happens with the yanks get shut out? When they have a bad week you suffer along with them. You need to spread out your talent across the AL, NL, and all different teams among them.

    • you have no power and your starting pitching is weak. my guess is you have lost hr's, rbi's, bb's, and probably wins every week.

    • This is nearly my team and I am in first, but I go through and analyze my EVERYDAY. It isnt that bad, maybe 5 min to 10 min in the morning.

      Second, you need to put more pitchers in your line up. Pitchers are the most sensitive players. So, if you have a lot of your pitchers, than you can go tweak and figure it out who you should put them in whenever your pitchers are in a slump or doing awesome.

    • Need more POWER hitters that bat for AVG. Pitching staff is ok but can be upgraded. Need either guys who get lots of K's or low WHIP-ERA. Your Closers suck, teams they play for won't win to many games. Try and trade Matsui, Cabrera, Jeter & Dye. Matsui & Cabrera don't play everyday. Did you show up for your draft? I don't see anyone besides Howard who's a top 35 pick. If Howard, Martinez & Mauer were your 1st 3 picks that's your whole problem. These 3 should not be on the same team. Trade 1 or 2 of them. GL.

    • try to package mauer and one of your pitchers for an ace. someone who's very good, but a little undervalued. right now is a great time to buy on sabathia or oswalt. i would keep vmart, even if he doesnt repeat his power numbers from last year, his BA really helps. very few catchers hit over .300

    • duh.
      well, your first pick (Howard) is stinkin it up. and you drafted Howard, Martinez, and Mauer, and that just seems silly to me. YOu wasted a quality pick somewhere for one of those guys when you could have used a late round flier for Utility, (because there are countless outfielders that step it up every year), and play Howard at first, and either Mauer or Martinez as catcher. You should trade one of those guys.
      Jeter is hurt and over rated big time.
      Youkilis isnt that good.
      You undoubtedly have been playing Cano at 2nd (and used a descent draft pick on him) and he hasnt been living up to expectations, and then picked up Lopez to play at 2nd.
      You have no stud outfielder or stud pitcher, which is hard to do in any draft..
      and you are a Yankee's fan who put way too many draft picks into 1 team. You let your inner sports fan cloud your drafting judgement.
      Trade Mauer now to a team without a catcher for a better, consistent outfielder or pitcher.

    • TWO of the top 5 catchers does nothing for your team.

      Trade one of them for a high K pitcher or a Power OF bat.

      Ryan Howard will hit and Robinson Cano will hit. Wait on them.

      But you should def move one of your catchers, it will help your team big time.

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