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  • Mike Mike Apr 18, 2008 11:38 AM Flag

    maddux go or no?

    that depends how deep your pitching is. If you have no max on innings and will have 7-9 starts this week maddux won't hurt you if your other starters do well. I like throwing as many guys as possible (unless they are complete crap) becuase the more innings you have the easier it is to wash out bad starts with the gain of k's and the possibility of a win. the d-backs are hot right now but I think the 5-6 innings maddux will go with be in the ball park of 1-2 runs and a whip around 1.2. As hot as the d-backs are they do have a lot of all or nothing guys like young and reynolds and they can't count on maddux walking them. If maddux is your top 2 or 3 starter think about the bench otherwise let the man pitch!!!! sorry long answer


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