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  • Sean P Sean P Apr 16, 2008 2:09 AM Flag

    Should I trade A-Rod?

    I've been offered Hanley Ramirez and Ryan Braun for my players, A-Rod, and Jeter. I'm leading this league and not sure if I should or not. I'm already lacking in homeruns and getting hurt on caught stealing so I'm not sure this would be a good move for me although I hate rooting for the yankees and don't like having their players on my team. BUT I do want to win the league.

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    • To me I wouldn't trade away a-rod. hanley ramirez is an outstanding player but in order to give away a-rod you need at least two all stars in the trade. if your looking for home runs and durability I would find someone who is a young talent but a proven young talent. meaning someone who will produce every time. now maybe miguel cabrera is an option. ya he is starting out slow and the tigers are struggling but he is going to end up with 40 home runs. I wouldn't get him for defense though since he struggles but for home runs I would get this guy along with hanley.

    • No one is mentioning the fact Ryan Braun is also in this trade. Take the offer.

    • If you listen to the "fans", they will tell you what they think based on their true loyalties to their players.

      If you listen to Fantasy baseball people, you wll make this trade. Numbers wise, you lose a little when comparing Hanley to Arod in RBI's and HR's. But you gain in SB's here. You need SB's.

      But Braun will give you more HR's and RBI's over Jeter, therefore offsetting that loss. So you will be about even in Power and RBI's w/ this trade AND gain steals. This is a good trade for you. Do it.

      Hanley has gotten better over the last two years steadily. Braun is getting better. We know that Jeter is declining, so he will get worse this year. And AROd will be consistent. So Remember you are getting two players with consistently rising numbers while losing two player that, combined, are declining b/c of Jeters numbers.

    • try and get the other manager to through in another player that hasn't done much yet but could brake out of it and have a pretty good year

    • trade jeter keep a-rod

    • dude make the trade that arod is great but jeter is just good ur getting back 2 great players in return make the trade

    • regardless of what the individual teams do, you are solely looking at the players and what they can do. Personally I would do this trade because a-rod will not preform like lat year mainly because it was a contract year, and everyone wants to get paid the big bucks. So i would definitely do it.

    • I'd do it. Even if the Marlins suck Hanley will still provide great numbers. He's certainly better than Jeter and Braun is a solid replacement at 3B. You'll get more HR's out of Hanley and Braun and more SB's too.

    • No matter how much i hate A-Rod (obviously im a Sox fan), he is the best player in the league. He is consistant and i'm sure he will be as hot as he was last year and his number will reflect that. Jeter on the other hand i have on my team because he was the best at the time. If you can trade him for a Hanley Rameriez or Jose Reyes per say go right ahead and do so, but do not involve A-Rod int he trade.

    • No way you can make this trade. At the end of the season, the stats may be equal but you have the best player in fantasy baseball and you can't give that up (unless your season includes the playoffs, in which case I say get Arod off your team ASAP!)

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