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  • H. Mark B H. Mark B Mar 21, 2008 7:39 PM Flag

    rate my team please!!!

    Your SP is actually very good. Buchholtz is a stretch, but he may turn out okay. Gallardo will be hot and cold this year. The other four are brilliant. I would consider dropping or trading Longoria, he may not start the season in the bigs. I normally prefer to have at least three good RP, but I only play roto. In H2H with the unusual pitching limit you've got, maybe you'll only need two. But if you are allowed daily changes, you should definitely have at least one (preferably two) more RP, use them in the P spots except when three or more of your SP have starts.

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    • yeah, i'll be putting all 4 rp in there daily, unless, like you said, i have more than 2 starters starting that day.

      as for longoria, i might have to trade him, but i'd like to keep him and stash him for now. i got him, along with braun and fielder in a trade for a-rod and raul ibanez. personally, i think that was the steal of the year! but i guess we'll see!

      thanks for the input! please keep it coming!!!