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  • Saul Hudson Saul Hudson Mar 21, 2008 8:41 AM Flag

    Which Closer?

    I need help with my rotation

    Starters - J. Verlander, A. Harang P. Martinez, R. Johnson, B. Myers, B. Arroyo

    Relievers. Lidge, B. Myers, C. Cordero, B. Fuentes

    What should it be?

    Also I might be getting Kevin Gregg in a trade

    Like this trade

    Johnny Damon
    Ryan Howard


    Carl Crawford
    Jim Thome
    Kevin Gregg

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    • Terrible trade for you. You don't trade Howard for that junk.

      Dump Fuentes, he isn't a closer any longer. Watch the games closely, some team will change their closer, they do every year. The trick is to be observant enough to spot it first.
      Baseball is a unique fantasy sport. Teams can change their rosters by as much as 25% as the season progresses and new real stars come into the league. You don't need a perfect team now so forget the rush to trade and instead concentrate on following box scores to see which FA's are having good years.

    • I would beg everyone in the league to veto it...


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