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    *** 3 Sport Keeper ***

    This year, I'm establishing the Xtreme 3 Sport Keeper (X3SK) which is an association of 3 keeper leagues: one for MLB, one for NFL, and one for NBA. The X3SK is officially going to begin with the MLB League 2008 which drafts live Friday, March 14 @ 6:00 pm eastern time.

    The league's official website is.... X3SK.com - check it out. Click "Official Rules" and then "X3SK Constitution" for full details on all aspects of the league.

    The X3SK will have 12 members and each of the 12 members will be in all 3 leagues.

    I am a very very experienced fantasy owner and commissioner. Me and my brother (who will be the Assistant Commissioner) are 2 of the most active fantasy managers you will ever find. We're looking for 10 more just like us.

    Requirements to be in the league:

    - Must have AOL Instant Messenger and must be active on it (We will use AIM to talk to each other and do drafts on it)
    - Must have experience
    - Must be very knowledgeable of all 3 fantasy sports
    - Must be extremely active

    Do not bother if you do not fit these guidelines! We are only looking for Yahoo's best fantasy managers.

    ***** IF YOU ARE INTERESTED....we will be screening managers fairly heavily. You will need to email me at: sdboltz07@yahoo.com - In the email:

    1. Tell me your AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name
    2. Provide a link to your Fantasy Sports Profile (just go to your profile and copy and paste the URL)
    3. Explain to me why you should be in the league - why are you a good fantasy manager?

    If I like what I see, I'll catch you on AIM and set you up. I'll have you register for the website, register for the official mlb league, and give you some other needed details/answer any questions you might have.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Again, Email: SDBoltz07@yahoo.com

    If you have any questions about anything, you can email me.


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