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  • Boz Boz Feb 8, 2008 6:34 PM Flag

    keeper league

    i want to start a keeper league but i was wondering where there is an option to do so when creating a yahoo league. can anyone help me out?

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    • There may be some providers that can accomodate keepers in a Pay Us Some Money format, but I don't like to pay commissioners fees, and as such can't say for sure.

      If you're into Free, the way to do that is to INSIST that all your managers draft their X # of keepers FIRST, and then open up the thing to live drafting. I've run leagues like that for years, and the only problem you have is when some fool screws up his que or doesn't pre-rank his keepers (and misses the start of the draft). The cure for that is to STRESS that anybody who picks a guy who ain't his keeper in the first n rounds, has to release the draft pick and take whatever he can get off the FA wire. Or you may let him exchange that illegal draft pick for his keeper, if someone else picked him up after drafting their keepers. If you catch an illegal pick early enough, you can inform all the live drafters NOT to take the pick the guy was supposed to take. Then he has to use his waiver wire position to pick him up AND he has to cut the illegally drafted player.

      It's a bit of work but a good commish can pull it off.

    • Im not sure . I would be interested in joining if you start one and need some people.

    • I have not found any specific functionality for keeper leagues. Yahoo will keep track of your league settings and managers, but you have to keep track of rosters.

      The Plus leagues have an added functionality if you want a "partial" keeper league (you keep a certain number of players but draft the rest), but they still require you to keep track of the rosters and enter them manually before the draft begins.

    • i'm not sure, but would like to join a keeper league, let me know if your need some players


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