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  • I dont know anything about baseball I only joined a league because my friends made one so any help on how to have a successful draft

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    • ok so what you wanna do is start off by getting 1 or 2 players in every position, then draft 4 more pitchers so you have 5 starters and then grab at least 3 more relief pitchers. Then who are these people you ask well go to baseball-reference.com, click players and see which ones you like and which ones you don't like, plus it alphabetizes all the players so you can search better. Finally keep a close eye on whose doing good and whose doing bad and trade anyone whose doing bad for players on other teams that are doing good. AND THATS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

    • draft pitching high especially closers.they will get you all pitching stats except wins.

    • The best tip I could give you for a quality draft is to do your research. Pay attention to what the "experts" are saying in all these articles Yahoo! posts, buy a magazine or two with some season forecasts, and be prepared for the draft beforehand.

      When you're actually in the draft, pay attention not only to your own team's needs but also to what every other manager is doing. If you see a team loading up on outfeilders, it might force you to take an OF instead of that SP you want. But don't sell the farm -- if you want Roy Halladay, don't sacrifice him for Reed Johnson just because OF's are going fast and you feel like you're going to miss out.

      On the other hand, you also have to be proactive. Don't just look at the highest guys left on the board, look further down the board at players you might want to jump on a round or two before that player comes onto the other managers' radars.

      My own personal strategy is to round out my team's minimums first and foremost. My first pick is usually the best bang for my buck (depending both on output and the shallowness/depth of the position), and after that I try and fill out what I know I need for my team so as not to leave dehabilitating holes in my roster. Once it gets late in the draft, I like to go after sleepers and buy-low former superstars. Last year, for example, I drafted Ken Griffey, Jr. with a late pick because nobody wanted to touch him. 30 HRs and 90+ RBI later, I was laughing and hoisting my league's trophy. Doesn't always work, but it's a strategy that I've ridden to pretty decent success.


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