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    all GMs select their favorite MLB team and can 'keep' as many players from that team before draft for that season only....and repeats each year....16 team Yahoo keeper league, great teams still available like DIAMONDBACKS, MARINERS, BLUE JAYS, WHITE SOX, ROCKIES, ASTROS, etc.., ...... 15 teams taken so far are DODGERS, ANGELS, PHILLIES, RED SOX, REDS, INDIANS, TIGERS, BREWERS, CARDS, DEVIL RAYS, METS, TWINS, YANKEES, BRAVES, CUBS ......minimum requirement for all GMs is at least 3-4 years experience (per your yahoo profile) and over 30 leagues competed in ( to ensure no 'dead' teams or cheaters) ......remaining teams available on first come, first serve, basis by posting on group message board (email me for link) and claiming your team before anyone else does......please cut and paste your yahoo profile (NOT THE LINK, CUT AND PASTE THE PROFILE) and email to : craigsports@yahoo.com.......if profile checks out per requirements above, ill send you the link to group page....great core group, looking to fill last spot with great members

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    • why the hell cant you use the mets, red sox, yankees, tigers, or phillies...thats the most retarded thing ive ever heard

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      hey. I know my profile doesn't show it but I have been in Yahoo leagues for 5 years and managed over 30 teams. However, I moved last year and my local provider (Rogers in Canada) is linked to Yahoo. So my e-mail is a rogers address that gives me access to yahoo services. However it meant I was disconnected from my old Yahoo profile. Anyways, I'm serious pool addict and would love to part of your league. If no one else replies, please feel free to send me the link, you won't be disappointed.


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