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  • Jack Jack Aug 9, 2014 10:00 PM Flag

    What D. Sedin worth?

    Hey guys. I've been trying to trade D. Sedin and suprised I cant get a bite on him and I'm wondering if I'm over valuing him. Its a dynasty league first off, and I'm lacking in RW so I am trying to move LW Sedin.
    First I tried trading him for a RW prospect who probably still has a year or so to go before hes in the NHL.
    Declined...So I tried a vetern Alexander Semim whos usually up or down. Declined.. So I tried packaging my 2nd round pick with him for a lower 2nd round pick and no other players. Declined again. Am I asking to much or is he just not a top player worth anything anymore. I feel hes got a few good years left. I think I just may end up keeping him and if he gets hot then trade him then...Thoughts?

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    • His value is at a low point now. The Sedins are on the downside of their careers but they may have a little resurgence this season with new coach Desjardins aboard. Keep him and if he gets hot early trade him for a younger legs with offensive upside.


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