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  • Tuomas Tuomas Mar 28, 2014 12:38 PM Flag

    Thank you very much..

    Last week my guys had a spectacular stats. Kessell, Gaborik, Getzlaf, Hossa, Giroux, Iginla, Lucic, Marleau, Subban, Doughty, Chara, Dubinsky, Gudas, Quick, Crawford and Mr. Ben Bishop.

    I broke my point record for the whole season. Awesome! Adding to the awesomeness was the fact, that it was the first week of the playoffs. A Bye week for my team.

    This week, none of these guys has been able to do anything. They have an awesome 4 goals COMBINED as of friday. There goes my spot for a final.

    Thank you very much guys. I just wanted to express my deepest feelings for this awesomeness and share it with the rest of the fantasy-hockey world. :D Maybe there are others who suffered the same fate with these players..?

    I want to underline that I am not dissing these players. They are all great athletes. The unbelievable fortune with their point scoring was just something I couldt keep all to myself at the moment.

    Best of luck to everyone for the final week!

    Tuomas from Finland

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    • Congratulations on making it to the Championship Game. Who knows, you may still grab the title - it's always amazing to me how quickly a score can change in the course of just one day - even the final day of a matchup.

    • Pretty sure there are a lot of people who know how you feel. That's fantasy hockey for ya, not much you can do about it.

      I had a bye last week in my keeper league, with Datsyuk being my only injury, was actually hoping he might be back sometime this week, but probably not. Since Sunday, my team has been a train wreck. Malkin and Ryan are gone long term. Backstrom, Okposo both missed at least a game this week. Not to mention a hand full of players having off weeks. My goalies(Fleury, Hiller, Halak) have either been sat out or just played subpar. So after having one of my better weeks playing nobody, I'm probably on track for having my worst week this year. So yea, I know how you feel.

      Barring a monster weekend, I'm pretty much sucking it up and preparing for next year.


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