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  • Flubber Flubber Mar 16, 2014 9:40 AM Flag

    Hey yahoo !!!! Please explain why ryan kesler does not have Dtd status

    I would really like to hear this .. Let's see

    .... Left a game with an injury
    ...... Missed a game with that injury
    ......there has been a public announcement that he will miss " at least two weeks "
    ..... He is a high profile important player

    So I don't believe you yahoo folks missed it . So did someone make the conscious decision he doesn't qualify ? I understand that you will not give him IR status unless his club does . I thought that was the point of adopting IR+ so managers would not get shafted when NHL teams don't bother to IR people or do It retroactively.

    So WHY YAHOO? WHY ???

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    • Yeah, it's hard to understand how things like this could be happening. There has to be a better way of handling the IR statuses. I was forced to drop Kesler because he wasn't given IR status, and it's not the first time I've had issues like that. Now I'm having problems with Jonathan Bernier suddenly not being eligible for IR+ anymore. His status hasn't changed with the team, he's not travelling with them, but I'm getting this message today:

      "Player Jonathan Bernier is in a IR+ position on your roster, but no longer qualifies for that position. Please edit your lineup to remove this player from the IR+ slot and then attempt your transaction again. (Error #845)".

      I'd love to have him back, but until he's actually available, shouldn't I be able to replace him? Very frustrating.

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      • Arrelious Benn Superstar Arrelious Benn Superstar Mar 23, 2014 11:01 PM Flag

        Yahoo tries to best reflect what the NHL clubs do. After the NHL's trade deadline, there are no roster limits in the NHL. Therefore, there is no incentive to putting a player on IR as ordinary course IR only serves to open up a roster spot. Therefore, Kesler isn't being put on IR in real life and therefore, he isn't being put on IR in the game here.

    • Oshie sits out one game because his wife gives birth, and IMMEDIATELY gets DTD status. (Although after the game, so it's worth nothing at all). Meanwhile, after Kesler's missed three games, and been out for a week, he's FINALLY put on DTD. Better late than never, I guess, ya morons.

    • Enroth got hurt today and is already on day-to-day. Kesler still isn't. Yahoo has not addressed the matter at all. Some consistency or at least feedback would be nice. I suppose I could always take my pool to ESPN next year, and avoid this bush league bs.

    • Kunitz was DTD yesterday. It's been almost a week with Kesler. Now Tarasenko has had hand surgery and will be out 6 weeks. He should be DTD tonight. I have 2 spots with injured players that I can't fill at the moment. Our league has 2 IR+ spots available.


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