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  • Tyler Tyler Mar 15, 2014 9:14 PM Flag

    Yahoo needs to be better about listing injured players.

    Man games and managing roster space is really all there is to managing a fantasy hockey league, and Yahoo's inability to list players as injured even though they're able to update the news blurbs telling me that a player is injured prevents me from managing my team. Please Yahoo, I need James Neal listed as DTD in order to have a shot at winning my matchup. This is kinda your only job….

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    • Yeah I am in a heated semi-final that's nip and tuck barely survived the first round with Kreider and Fowler both on my team that I can't use. Normally I would cut them and grab others but this is a keeper league and can't very well cut these 2 young up and comers

    • Hey guys,

      Injury/day to day status is determined by our stats provider, and as noted, applied with our daily overnight updates. Note that our stats provider is not Rotowire and Rotowire's player notes are separate from the injury status assigned to a player.

      That said, we know the process isn't perfect, and we should have some improvements to it for next season. We're working on those now for the start of fantasy baseball, so next season fantasy hockey can benefit from more frequent updates. However, like I mentioned, IR/DTD status comes from the stats provider, and it's up to them to determine that change based on transactions/team news/etc.

      Finally, as you guys know, NHL teams don't always place players on IR when they're hurt. This is why we added the IR+ position to fantasy hockey early in the season, so DTD players could be IR eligible. You can consider using it next year when setting up your league.

      Mike / Yahoo Fantasy Sports

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      • Meanwhile, the status update when I click on Jonathan Toews says "Out for the rest of the regular season", yet he's listed as day to day since he left the game on Sunday night. IR+ is okay, but this guy is legit on IR.

      • Thumbs up to Scott below, and nobody was talking about stats here, at least not with respect to Rotowire. Player info is one thing, but player status is much more important, and this nameless "stats provider" has fallen down several times this season. Rotowire's info is easy to ignore when it's inaccurate, but player status affects the actual setting of a lineup.

      • Forget the designations, can the "Can't Cut" lists be updated on time? Duchene is out for four weeks and I'm in my championship, yet as of two minutes ago I can't drop him for Blake Wheeler, whom I would love to start tonight to accrue stats on a night in which not many teams are playing.

        Frankly, the moment the report comes out LAST NIGHT that he would be missing time (or even MIGHT be) should be when he's removed from the "Can't Cut" list. Fans of fantasy sports, especially in the playoffs, often play very close attention to lineup changes and injuries, and it's really disappointing that we as fans have to wait for the Yahoo support people to catch up.

    • Totally agree, and also this is interesting: Rotowire (the info in the player popups) brags on their website about being a partner with Yahoo and ESPN, but player statuses often don't match between the sites (nor do they match with team sites, especially IR status). Yahoo always refers us back to the timing of their nightly "updates," but looks like someone's not applying it properly. Carey Price was still on IR even though he played today; they've been slow with almost every injury this season.

    • I agree 100 %. ESPN had Neal as out 2 days ago, Yahoo has done nothing yet other than posting news that he's injured. Same with Kesler.


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