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  • Guppy Guppy Mar 11, 2014 2:31 PM Flag

    How is Yahoo losing to ESPN and other leagues

    Yahoo is just getting worse and worse. It makes me sad. Still no Evgeny Kuznetsov (don't want him) and Datsyuk is still day-to-day......... Why yahoo why?

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    • It is baffling . I am in four leagues and in three of them there is some chatter about leaving yahoo next season for ESPN and the sole big driver that people are responding to , is yahoo being awful on injury status . This is something that would only take a couple of minutes a day but it frustrates fantasy hockey managers extremely.

      Example ... My one league has if+ ... I wanted to activate Gudas from ir+ and put kesler there . But I couldn't do that since kesler has no status for reasons that escape comprehension. Then it gets worse. I wanted to drop Martin jones and add a goalie for some saves today but I couldn't do that because I have a healthy Gudas on IR+..... So to get a goalie I would have needed to drop two guys

      You work hard to build a team . Injuries happen and it sucks sometimes but it's triply frustrating when you cannot replace folks because yahoo cannot give injury status in any way that is rational and defendable . I challenge anyone at yahoo to give some reasonable explanation how kesler is not Dtd.

      Come on yahoo!!! BE better !!!

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      • I'm in both, and IMO, the only good thing about Yahoo compared to ESPN is the lineup is automatically saved after changes, which isn't exactly a huge deal. Everything else is pretty inferior compared to ESPN.

        For years, I've preferred ESPN more, and if it wasn't for the fact my Yahoo leagues are much more active than my ESPN leagues, I'd be out the door completely.


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