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  • Brian Brian Feb 27, 2014 9:09 PM Flag

    Yahoo, can you fix the dumb app already??

    The new app is still pitiful - one size fits all never works.

    The timezone issue is still around, even after "we fixed it!", "whoops, no we didn't! we will today though!"

    I lots stats today on some of my teams. where I am, 'today' is 'tomorrow' where the games are. To see today's game, for example its 28 Feb here and that is 'today' on my app, I have to change the page to yesterday, the 27th. But because its in the "past" I can't edit the lineup! I wanted to switch a few guys out bc of injuries etc but can't and now I missed out on stats, a few of which are sorely needed!

    Get your act together yahoo, this has been an issue for too long!

    And what about some sort of "back" function?? why do we always need to go back to the start instead of the previous page? its aggravating, especially in the help(less) section!


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