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  • MisterWiggle MisterWiggle Jan 29, 2014 2:50 PM Flag


    trade away sid crosby for tavares and niemi or crawford.
    current goalies are halak, fleury, lehtonen, bishop. lehtonen i feel i can trade away or drop.
    or should try trading away sid and lehty for tavares, niemi, and crawford. insane???

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    • Seems unnecessary. Your goalies are solid and Tavares, despite being good, is a considerable step down from Crosby.

      I'm assuming your league is like most, where you can only start 2 goalies each night. Having a lot of strong goalies when you can only play 2 isn't going to be worthwhile when giving up Crosby.

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      • You definitely win the trade - I don't think Tavares is much of a downgrade from Sid as Dan thinks - he'll finish the season with probably 80-90 points instead of Sid's 100-110, but unlike Sid he contributes a healthy amount of PIM.

        But, as Dan says, the trade seems unnecessary given your current goalies.

        Unless you plan on flipping Halak or Lehtonen (or probably both) afterwards, I don't see any reason to make the trade. Fleury, Bishop and Halak are racking up the wins for you, and Lehtonen is playing very well and putting up decent win numbers despite having a #$%$ D in front of him.

        I've got some concerns about Halak going forward for the rest of the season (I think the odds are good that STL picks up Ryan Miller), but that's a hypothetical situation at this point in time. The only reason I'd make this trade is if I had someone else in the league willing to buy high on Halak.


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