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  • Florida Steve Florida Steve Dec 17, 2013 10:38 PM Flag


    I give Mike Smith
    I get Hossa

    I would still have the following goalies:
    Scrivens, Harding, Miller

    Current RW:
    St. Louis

    Do I pull the trigger?

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    • I agree with Dan, Your goalies aren't that strong and/or reliable. Smith is an A+ goalie, Harding has been great, but isn't proven, and Miller is pulling a disappearing act. Scrivens should be irrelevant to this, since he has slipped to 3rd on the LA depth chart. Try trading Miller for Hossa, but I'd hold on to Smith.

      If this is a keeper league, my opinion on the trade is even stronger.

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      • I'd keep Smith too. He may not be on top of the league in the win category but for the last few years he has consistently faced the most shots in the league and posted solid numbers. Not to mention that you would only really have two goalies left, Scrivens is basically done in LA. As someone mentioned below, there's every indication he's going to be traded at some point. LA's been looking for another goalie for a while now, and since then Jones has surpassed Scrivens on the depth chart.
        Miller is playing great hockey but the team in front of him is horrific, so you can't count on him for wins. That leaves Harding as your sole source for wins - if he goes down with an injury, you're completely screwed.

        Goalies are king in fantasy hockey. Hossa's a great winger and putting up solid numbers this year, but he's not worth Smith.

    • I dunno actually.

      Scrivens is sorta losing the job to Jones right now, and both of them will lose the job to Quick once he's back in a few weeks. Remember, even when the Kings had a great young goalie talent in Bernier, they still rode Quick for nearly all the games. So you can't count on Scrivens.

      Harding has played great, but gets injured often, and will be in and out of the lineup. You can't count on him.

      Miller is good, but not getting wins.

      Smith is too valuable to your team in my opinion.

      Hossa is a great talent, and would help your team, but I don't think you can afford to give up Smith.

    • yes, just because you have good goalie depth. if you didnt you need to keep smith. the trade is fine if harding starts the majority of the games.


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