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  • Grant Grant Oct 20, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    Changing rules after the season starts

    I need some opinions that are unbiased. In my league the Commissioner is trying to implement a rule change. Some of the managers failed to draft starting goalies while others have drafted 3 or 4 that are both starters and back-ups. He wants to level the playing field by now limiting the number of starters a team can have to 2.
    Anyone with more that that are forced to trade or drop them. The predraft rules had no such restrictions and some managers had drafting strategies based on multiple starters. They would have drafted differently if the rule was implemented before the draft. The debate on our message board is very heated and I would like to know what others out there think about this situation.

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    • Tell the commish to butt out. This was drafting strategy/error by those that didn't draft a goalie and will now need to make trades to become competitive. That's the whole idea.

    • Sounds like Obama also heads up Yahoo Fantasy Hockey. Take from those that have and give it to those who don't. Have you pursued this with the site operators directly and is there a mechanism to oust your commissioner? I would think that this is a "No Brainer". You can't change the rules mid stream!

    • Definitely not fair. Like Dan said, that messes up whatever strategy you had during draft. The way I see it, if you fail to draft a goalie thats on you. The manager should either find one in free agency or trade. Drafting is NOT only about skaters

    • Definitely wrong. You can't just make up a rule like that after the fact. It DRASTICALLY affects draft strategy.

    • As much as I loathe those who draft Goalies (I play in Auction Leagues only) in numbers beyond a reasonable compliment, given that there are no rules that Yahoo has put in place to prevent such an occurrence, creating a commissioner imposed rule after the fact isn't justified. A gentleman's agreement should have been arrived at pre-draft to prevent such an occurence.
      Having said that, what is happening in one league where the monopolizers of Goalies are trying now to leverage trades with the additional G compliment, such trade attempts are being thwarted by Vetos where to gain is such that the trade appears unreasonable. In my view, the original hoarding strategy wasn't one that can be viewed as 'Fair Play', and now the two who tried it must divest through Free Agency, and take the scraps instead of feasting on the weak. One has done so, the other,the League Commissioner, steadfastly refuses and keeps modifying his Trade Proposals in an attempt to make his strategy work. The sound of his head banging against the wall is music to my ears as we united in the Veto denials.


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