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  • Leander Leander Oct 2, 2013 10:56 PM Flag

    Cheating, Allowable or Not?


    I started Jonathan Bernier in a 16 team roto 4 player keeper L that uses SHP as an extra stat cat tonight and considering the GAA and SV% he put up, I'm considering benching my goalies the rest of the season, punting wins and shutouts and trading Jonathan Quick for James Neal. Stacking an already potent skating attack. The advantage is obvious, but is there a goalie min. I'm not aware of in roto and is that a legitimate strategy. Thanks for any feedback.

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    • Technically not cheating, but you are only getting two categories and punting two. No real advantage there, and no guarantee someone won't post better.

      The scorn and hateful looks you will get from other managers however, will be well-deserved.

      The idea of a Fantasy League is to win based on the performance of your team, not to win because you think you found a loophole to give you an edge up on the other League members.

      By the way, there is no guarantee your offense will be so scintillating. Throw in an injury or two, not unheard of, and there goes your chance at a championship.

      Or think of it this way... With the goalies you have, your strategy will net you 34 points. Do you think you can do better if they play?

      Technically not cheating, but if someone tried to pull that in my League or any in which I play, they would either adapt or be replaced.

      Ultimately your choice, but do you really want to be known as THAT GUY for the rest of your Fantasy Life?

      And by the way, expect to finish 5th-7th.

      Just my honest opinion...

      Honest Scott


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