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  • Nez Nez Oct 1, 2013 3:44 PM Flag

    Yahoo new design - bugs and regressions

    I have ran into these problems so far, on top of the Yahoo color scheme being truly appalling -

    1) Swap mode is not working. I have not been able to set my lineups by drag-and-drop, so I'm just using the Classic method for now.
    2) I don't see whether my players have a game scheduled Today when I look at My Team page. I would rank that as a pretty critical regression.
    3) When I do look at the 'Schedule", the columns are all misaligned.
    4) What's really important for me is being able to see who plays Tomorrow, when adding players on the Players page. This used to be there, and now it's impossible to see the schedule, or even tomorrow's game, until you actually hit Add for one of the players (ironically, that takes you to a nice clean page with last year's look-and-feel).

    I hope Yahoo will fix these soon. Wish they would at least offered users to revert back to an older layout as an option.

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    • The free agent player list is broken. No stats show up and you can't see their schedule. That should be priority number one...

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      • Ok so the white background is a huge improvement. now I am willing to give this new layout a chance. The next issue that I believe would improve things tremendously are:

        1. Have a running total for each stat category at the bottom of the team roster page for the current game day / night. (As we had in previous years)

        2. You really need to make it easier to differentiate between active and non-active players for each game day / night.

        3. I find the right hand side of the screen not used for anything of any significance. In previous years, this was used to show the current match ups. This year, the match ups are on the top which means we have to scroll down to see the standings and recent activity. I am sure most users would prefer to have the match ups moved back to the right side panel.

        More to come. I hope we can all help make this new layout successful. Less

    • 1) Can you elaborate on the issue with Swap Mode? We haven't seen this reported.
      2) Thanks for the feedback - we're indeed looking at addressing this.
      3) It's a bug - we'll get it fixed.
      4) Thanks for the feedback - we'll look at this as well.

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      • Mike,
        Thanks for addressing these, and also providing a 'white background' option. On the Swap Mode, I basically cannot drag a player into another position. In the past, I was able to left-click on a player and then drag my mouse, and would graphically see how that player's name moves and lays over another player that he would be replacing. Basically, the drag-and-drop is not working. The page appears to be frozen as far as any editing goes. When I switch into the Classic mode, it work as designed. I'm using Chrome v29.0.1547.76 m.


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