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  • Mike Mike Sep 27, 2013 8:54 PM Flag

    Some Fantasy Hockey Updates

    -There will be an Android update for Fantasy Hockey. Timing to come soon.
    -Also look for an updated iOS app soon. We will let you know when it is available in the store.
    -Look for "Start Active Players" button coming soon.
    -Finally, coming soon will be an option to select a white theme for fantasy pages. This will live in the edit team settings section.

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    • Hello folks,

      Another quick update on some of the common feedback items I've seen posted here on these boards. We've addressed alot of them today...here's a small list of the changes/fixes:

      -The Opponent and Status columns are back on your team page. No longer listing the player's game info below the name.
      -Numerous misalignments on the team page have been fixed.
      -Matchup page - no more page refresh with each day view
      -Matchup page - daily totals are back
      -League home - we'll advance the week on Mondays now instead of Tuesday
      -Your league's info (name/ID) displayed above the game nav on the right

      We'll to continue to iterate to make improvements, and of course, fix bugs.


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      • Matchup page. In one of my leagues the view for each day works (ie shows only stats for that day, shows player games for that day, etc.) In another league I am in only my team's stats and games change. Opponent is stuck on Matchup Totals view.

        In the league it works the match up shows teams side-by-side. In the league it is not working it shows one team on top of the other team.

    • Hey guys,

      Another quick update. Many of the issues you guys have been posting about over the last couple days were resolved today. To list a few...

      -Misaligned display of opponents on team roster
      -Missing Max Games info on team roster for roto leagues
      -No stats/points totals on team roster
      -Changing the date doesn't maintain previously selected view on team roster
      -Players page doesn't show game status in default view
      -No stats displayed in Player search
      -Matchup page has positions mixed up
      -Can't switch to different matchup weeks on Matchup page
      -Other misc issues



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