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  • Carmine Carmine Sep 12, 2013 10:33 PM Flag

    Yahoo fantasy new layout - terrible

    This new layout Yahoo just implemented is very hard to get used to. Especially with he black background....very tough on the eyes.

    Does anybody know ifs there is a way to revert back to the old traditional look?

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    • Still not as good as last year. Yahoo improve some things after the huge fail..... but I still miss being able to write notes, being able to check quickly what a player's stats was for the last game against a certain team, being able to view most of your team without having to scroll downward.... and even having an extra button to save your lines without having to scroll again.

    • It has always been bad i took one look and have been doing espn last 5 years yahoo is about 5 years behind

    • Go to edit team, there's s place to change it to white

    • Lets all agree it isnt better. go back to what was. no harm no foul. but let us do it today please

    • I agree, this layout takes us back 10 years !!!

    • Yeah, this is another prime example of fixing something that wasn't broke, change just for the sake of. The old site was easier to read, better laid out, and it worked just fine. Between this new layout and the mobile app coming out 1 day prior to the season start (with no indication from Yahoo) I've just about given up on Yahoo fantasy hockey. Unless they get it together I'm going to take my league elsewhere for next season. I know it's free and all, but everything was pretty good, why did Yahoo have to mess with it.

    • just realized I cannot drop a player that was in the active roster and played a game. This is a big issue.

      Here is the error message:

      There was a problem
      A player has already played and is no longer editable for today. (Error #174)
      Back to previous page

    • donno if somebody else mentioned this already. can't find where are projections by game played per position? it used to be at the left bottom corner. it's important in roto or point based leagues to keep track of how many games used...

    • Been using the new look for a month now, here are all my complaints:
      League Home Page:
      1. Fantasy Medals box is taking up a huge space here. This is clearly not an advertisement like I once thought, it just alerts me as to whom in my league won a random medal. There should be an option, at the very least, to just get rid of this. It has nothing to do with hockey or fantasy hockey, and if it IS an advertisement, there is no product or company visible to me, so it fails there too. Ads don't bother me, this is a free service. But this is a completely unnecessary waste of space on the most important page for the league.
      2. The default setting is difficult to read. This is fixed by switching to the white background. I think it looks ok on this setting, but not all pages work with the white background. On the my team page, half the text is a very, very light gray on a white background, and is nearly impossible to read. The white is still a major upgrade in making the new format useable though.
      My Team Page:
      1. The first thing I noticed is that I have no idea who has a game and who does not. Upon closer inspection, I see that its listed under their name. This is very difficult to see quickly. There really needs to be a column, separate from other information (in this case, a player name), so it's easy to determine who I need to start, and who I need to sit.
      2. The space used per row is very tall, meaning I cannot see my entire lineup of skaters like I could in previous years. It seems like the extra height is meant for the Player Name / Current Game column that is 2 rows tall, when every other stat is only 1. This means I'm scrolling up and down constantly or zooming out when setting my line-up. Both are annoying and unnecessary.
      3. O-Rank, Rank, and % Owned are STILL featured stats on your site. If I knew Yahoo was getting a make-over, I would assume this is the first thing to go. 3 completely useless stats that are front and center on every screen. Why not remove these and list the matchups in this space?
      When I click on this link, I see the old format. It's perfect. A common-sense, straight-forward scoreboard at the top. Players are listed over alternating white and gray backgrounds, the size is small enough that I can view an entire team on screen. There is not any wasted space, and there is not any extra clutter. This serves as my example for what the rest of the site should look like. Clean, simple, and intelligent.
      Players List:
      One of the most important pages for us all. There is a HUGE column missing...next day opponent. Even in our limited transaction league, it's a big deal to quickly see who is a FA and has a game for the next day. Every single time I make an add/drop, I have to open an additional page to look at the next day schedule. What is the logic behind removing this column? And why do we have 3 useless columns (O-Rank, Rank, and % Owned) still here? If you need a default for players to be sorted, then keep the "current ranking" category. One non-stat category could be justified, not three. But removing relevant hockey information from your fantasy hockey site seems silly. I'd rather have too much information than not enough. I think this is one that HAS to return.
      Message Board:
      This is my last major beef. When I click to reply to a message, it now opens a pop up window. I love the text editing capabilities, lots of power at our finger tips. I never have and never will use all these text editing options, but if someone wants to they can. Very cool. What bugs me, is that this new window BLOCKS the message that you are responding to AND the, now background page, is immovable. Still no problem, I'll just move the pop-up window...NOPE, that too is locked in place. It almost seems intentionally frustrating. So hopefully you memorized everything the previous posters have said, otherwise you need to copy/paste the thread into another window so you can reference it when responding. God forbid someone is as long-winded as myself, you would need to be able to scroll through my posts to remember everything I brought up to write a thoughtful response. Every message board on the internet has his capability, and you guys got rid of it.
      Obviously, there are MANY positives with the changes. I'm not going to list them because that does not help get us to a point where the focus is just "playing fantasy hockey!" I am hoping my complaints and many others are worked on because I do not believe any of this is asking for too much, especially since it was right there last year. I'll also mention that I did not bring up bugs or anything because I know that stuff is top priority and will be fixed. I'm mostly worried about the formatting and ease of use. I used to laugh when I would view other fantasy websites (especially paid ones...) that others are using because they are clunky, cluttered and a pain to navigate. I'd laugh and remind them "yahoo is free and 10 times better." For now...I will keep my mouth shut, heh.
      And to "Mike", just want to really compliment you on your presence here on the boards. You are responding to everyone who has even a skosh of insight in their complaints and its very reassuring to read that you are here, representing Yahoo and taking it all in. Thank you for being here for us to respond to and I hope my explanations help out and maybe clarify some of the frustration that's out there right now!
      Thanks and Go Red Wings,
      - KJ

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      • KJ,

        Thanks for your post. I'll address what I can - please understand, as an employee, I'm limited on what I can post. But be assured, your feedback is important and it is being read.

        We know there's a number of issues that have been mentioned on this thread. We're addressing them as quickly as possible and you'll see some changes very soon.

        1) Thanks for the feedback on medals.
        2) We'll continue to iterate on our theming and make improvements.
        3) Players - fix for player's game status is coming. It wasn't removed - it's a bug. The other columns - those are consistent across our games and will remain. Thanks for the feedback.
        4) Thanks for the feedback on the message boards.

        Go Sharks :)


    • With the games now over, I can confirm that the points don't even total on the team screen at all. Fantasy points remain at "0" at the bottom. The color choice is meaningless to me and there is no box for max games played. The overall presentation is hard to read and follow.

      Marissa, instead of working on the Yahoo font why doesn't the team spend 5 minutes on QA for its fantasy offering? This is the ONLY thing I come to Yahoo for and after a long off-season this is what we get?

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