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  • K-Slap K-Slap Mar 23, 2013 11:27 PM Flag

    Yahoo Hockey Fantasy's terrible customer service....

    Anyone check the Leaderboard for the Yahoo Fantasy Hockey head-to-head?? I've been doing well these last 2 years, surprisingly broke into the top 100. It's great that you can see your ranking among the rest of the world. BUT now I noticed an irregularity....cheating actually... specifically in league ID# 26530 in the head-to-head....... I complained to Yahoo 3 times, telling them that it kind of destroys the integrity of having a leaderboard in the first place when Yahoo isn't even checking to see if things are clean.....even when I pointed it out to them.... all three times, they simply sent a bogus email about getting around to it...weeks later, they have still done nothing. 3 of the contestants in that league are in the top 26 of the world....and when you look into the league, obvious cheating and hanky panky going on. How can Yahoo Fantasy let that go on??

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    • K-Slap - go to a website called leftwinglock - they just wrote an article about this issue with the leaderboard.

    • Haha! Your post is one of the greatest things I have ever read. Thank you for the entertainment.

      Are you planning on putting your ranking on your resume or something like that? lol

      I never even knew there was a world ranking leader board, not would I have cared about it if I had known of it.

      Let me fill you in on a couple of things.

      Nobody in the world cares about you or your ranking.

      Nobody at Yahoo cares about your pissy complaints.

      Cheating happens in free fantasy leagues.

      If this cheating in Yahoo fantasy hockey #$%$ you off so much, you are in for a long emotionally painful life.

      Worry about your own yard and enjoy the leagues you are in.

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      • I think you missed my point completely Willi. I re-iterate, it would be cool to see how we stack against the rest of the Yahoo Fantasy community.... much like it adds an extra fun factor to see where gamers rank on a world scale with the video-gaming community. I was simply asking anyone out there if they too are aware of any such apparent disregard by Yahoo employees. In past years, They addressed issues pretty quick, this year, it looks as if they're half-assed and uncaring. They still make ad revenue off of us whenever we surf.


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