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  • Justin Justin Mar 17, 2013 1:41 AM Flag

    goalie stats

    Sorry, but I think giving Smith credit for a shutout is BS. If there is a point up on the board for the other team, the goalie didn't get the shutout, regardless if it was in a shootout. How can two goaltenders get a shutout in the same game under the new rules? Now, I'm not complaining, I won all categories for my goaltenders this week, but it doesn't seem to make sense that goalie can get a shutout and a loss at the same time. Also, I think either Yahoo! or the NHL needs to amend crediting for goalies who play in relief. Yahoo!, i think, needs to create a rule where the goalie needs to play a either a greater balance of the minutes or atleast a full period of hockey for his stats to count. Those 13 some minutes, 7 shots against and 7 saves shouldn't count for a 0.00 GAA and 100% SV%. Just my two cents.

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