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    Nothing But Trouble

    Alright, so I'm in a 12 Team H2H Keeper/Dynasty League with relatively normal point scoring-- G(3) A(2) PPP(2) SHP(3) GWG(3) +/-(0.25) Goalie cat: W(5) GA(-1) SV(0.15) SO(5)

    C: AKopitar/RNHopkins/RO'Reilly
    LW: AOvechkin/ZParise/BSchenn/RWhitney
    RW: PKane/JPominville/NYakupov/VTarasenko(IR)
    D: BCampbell/AMarkov/PMartin/FBeauchemin
    G: Fleury/Brodeur(IR)/Backstrom/Bishop

    When Brodeur comes off IR I'm dropping Bishop, not really sure when/if Tarasenko is returning...
    My main question is... I kept from last year Ovechkin/Parise/Kane/Pominville/RNH/Fleury...

    IF I can only keep 3 (Max) of those same skaters, who should I be looking to keep 4 next year???????

    ----Side notes----
    RNH is playing terrible, but I'm hoping it's just a sophomore slump which would be excellent considering I only have to suffer for half a season... but then, do I keep Yakupov too? Tarasenko?
    I have to keep Ovechkin and Kane at least, right? Kopitar is also extremely consistent... Trades...?

    I just don't know anymore... I'm sorry for rambling and bringing up so many questions, it's just hard not to have a tough time with this team, at least that's how I feel.

    Thank you in advance for any insight/analysis/ideas you can provide, and don't hesitate to ask me to check into your dilemmas if you have any, I'm more than happy to help if I can :)

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    • I get it...in that case, I'd say keep Ovie/Kane/Parise/Kopitar/Markov/Fleury.

      Ovie, Kane, and Parise would be the three previous keeper skaters I'd keep. They'd be the first ones to go in a draft next year and are pretty much guaranteed to be high-end players next year, too.

      Kopitar is a great, top notch center and would certainly go higher in a draft -- at least at this point in time -- than RNH.

      Markov is a little bit of a risk given his health history...but he's been healthy so far this year (even with the condensed schedule) and is playing great on a good Canadiens team. Unless he has more injury issues between now and the off-season, he'll be among the top-ranked defensman in next year's draft.

      If you're not comfortable keeping Markov, then I'd say Tarasenko would be the best bet among the remaining eligible players.

    • I would say keep Kane, Ovechkin, and Kopitar. Kane is obviously a no-brainer after this season. Ovechkin can be frustrating but you've gotta keep him for potential alone (if you don't keep him, someone else will select him in the first round next year). And Kopitar is probably the safest bet out of the remaining choices. RNH will probably last a little while in next year's draft if you want to get him back.

      Having Kane, Kopitar and Ovie will give you a top-tier player in each of the three forward positions.

      Would you answer my post about keeping Del Zotto or Visnovski? Thanks!

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      • Sorry, I realize I didn't make this clear in my original post--
        ----****In my league we can keep 5 skaters and 1 goalie, but 2 of the 5 skaters must be different from those selected in the previous year, meaning I couldn't keep Ovi/Kane/Parise/Pominville/RNH again, I'd have to choose 3 of those and 2 new guys****----

        Thanks again, and I believe I already responded to your post-- If you want to pick my brain about it though, feel free!


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