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  • bryan bryan Mar 7, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

    Need advice ASAP!!

    Is it worth it? I lose J. Benn and R. Miller and get T. Vanek. Once I lose Miller was gonna pick up Emery. Should I do it? Or do you think Vanek will get hurt again? Or stop producing?

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    • I'm not a big Vanek fan. He's an injury risk every year, and I think Buf in general is going to be soul searching the rest of this season. I'm even less a fan of Miller, but he's a 100% starter, which has quite a bit of value. I like Benn a lot more.

      Is Emery in FA? If so, you may want to look at picking him up anyway. He only gets 50% of the starts, but he'll win virtually all of them. Also, who do you have other than Miller for Gs?

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      • my problem with 'injury risk' is that every player is an injury risk.. no matter how big you are, and no matter what team you're playing for, any player has the potential to go out there and end their career with an injury every single time they lace up. Vanek has had injuries in the past yes, and he missed a couple games this season due to maintenance... but don't be deceived, this condensed schedule is going to have a lot more wear on the players this season than if it were a regular 82 game season. I like having Vanek on my team, however I also like Benn. However I believe because of the team Vanek plays for, I do like the opinion of him being more consistent than Benn (not like I'm a fan of the Sabres but they are a better team than Dallas, just not showing it).

    • Vanek will produce, even though his team isn't the best. Benn is in a serious funk and miller has been inconsistant. I'd do the trade and pick up emery like you said.

      Do you think I should do this trade, Zetterberg and E. staal for Kane and niemi. I would get Kane and niemi.


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