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  • P-O P-O Mar 6, 2013 11:42 PM Flag

    Which FWD to keep... please help


    got an interesting problem for you guys. I need to know who you would keep as FWD.

    My league:
    H2H, 12 teams
    2C, 2LW, 2RW, 3D, 2Util, 2G, 4Bench
    G, A, +-, PPP,Pims, hits, sog, blk, W, gaa, sv%, SO
    We keep only 3 keepers : 1FWD, 1D, 1G

    The candidates are : Kovalchuk, Spezza, Kesler, Eberle, Backstrom, Couture.

    I drafted very well but got unlucky this year. I have big names in my team. dunno why I'm not in the playoffs (my keeper D is Pietrangelo and my keeper G is Quick).

    Anyways, I thought Kovy was clearly my keeper FWD but I'm more and more thinking about Spezza, and even Kesler.

    What you guys think? Help meeee.


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    • I imagine you've got some time left before you have your keepers locked, Spezza would be the best option as long as he comes back strong from his back surgery. It will be pretty interesting to see if he can make it back with a couple weeks left before playoffs and if he plays strong I think you've answered your own question

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      • My problem with Kovalchuk stems kind of from a personal bias. He openly admitted that he wants to play in the KHL instead of the NHL prior to the shortened season starting and I just would have a hard time investing in someone who feels like he has nothing left to prove in the NHL, he's got the big contract, he knows he has a spot in the KHL to play at home, and wasn't overly excited that the season was resuming in January. I guess it's an unfair bias but I know myself that I wouldn't want to use a keeper on a player who is not mentally in the game or less motivated than he should be.

      • Rly? you would let Kovalchuk go?


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